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Mad Men Vs. 21st Century Marketing

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2012 10:22:37 AM

Despite the romantic appeal of the cigar smoking, scotch sipping, women seducing ad agency as seen in today’s pop-culture, the traditional style of marketing is doomed, yet most marketing directors seem stuck in the old days.

Mad Men - Interruption Marketing

In Mad Men marketing (outbound marketing), companies focus on finding customers. They use broadcast style, far-reaching techniques focused on one thing: interruption. Cold calling disrupts the family dinner. TV advertisements break up your favorite show. Pop-up ads obstruct your web-surfing experience. Radio ads force you to shut up and listen to a string of commercials before you sing with the next song. Mad Men marketing insists on barging into your consciousness.

And, as a result, 86% people today skip TV ads. Almost half of all direct mail is never opened. What’s opened rarely produces consumer “action” other than to toss in the trash. And 9 out of 10 subscribers click “unsubscribe.” People are numb to advertising, especially the Millennials.

Out of the 6000 marketing messages that interrupted you yesterday (and every other human living in our generation) how many do you actually remember? Probably none. Because we live in information surplus, we have been trained to tune out the noise.The more marketing messages we hear, the better we get at ignoring them.

Sure, under the traditional model, you could build up a massive (uninterested) audience and machine gun content at them. Inevitably, you’ll hit a lead or two.

But the more you spend, the less it works. So, how do you break through the noise?

21st Century - Permission Marketing

Rather than firing blanks at the masses spray-and-pray style, become a magnet that attracts the highly qualified audience you really want (Inbound Marketing).

Set up a website that becomes an oasis for value-starved searchers.

Imagine you are the scotch sippin’ cigar smokin’ Don Draper and you are looking to get lucky. If you plan on taking someone home this evening, the first thing you have to do is show up to the lounge (social media) because that’s where the ladies are hanging out.

But, you can’t just waltz in and yank someone into a cab. You have to find the “right” lady, buy her a drink, and allow the sparks to fly. Under the Mad Men marketing model, you would probably pay someone to come up with a creative pick-up line and attack every lady until one bit the bait. But this isn’t the 1960’s.

Don Draper of the 2012 knows his niche intimately. You dial in on the few who seem interested, and begin to allow a personal relationship to form around something they are interested in.

Now that you found the “right” lady, how do you get your foot in the door?

Buy her a Blog-tini.

A blog is the water source of your oasis. It attracts those who are thirsty. It should be where your social media channels lead. Why? Blogs are naturally chocked full of keyword rich phrases. So, when people search for something online, there you are, their knight in shining armor. If you can give them content that educates, delights, and adds to their life experience, then you have won their attention.

Congratulations, you just received your invitation to engagement. You offered her a drink and she said yes. You are well on your way toward marketing nirvana. Your target market has GIVEN YOU PERMISSION to show off.

But that’s not enough. Now, you have have to bring your mojo (search engine optimization) because every man in the room is simultaneously hitting on the lovely lady you want. If you don’t do something to stand out, you are better off not even showing up at all. A wall-flower with no one to dance with looks worse then a no-show because pubic suckiness is worse than private suckiness.

Mad Men Vs. Inbound Marketing

Okay, you have captured a lead, wooed her into a second date, and made it to first base. Keep stoking the fire with content that reinforces your value position.Make her feel like a queen. And boom. She likes you. She looks forward to engaging with you. And, if you’re lucky, she just might “share” her new romance with her friends.

The sparks are flying. #success

Actionable Tip

Stop wasting money and efforts interrupting strangers that ignore you. Be real. Be relevant. And give real incentive for your audience to give you their attention. Then nurture long term relationship.

If you would like to know more about what inbound marketing can do for your biz, then please drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you.

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