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Millennial Values & Careers After College

Posted by admin on Jul 25, 2012 2:35:35 PM

Summer in Auburn means free parking spots on South College, anticipation for fall football season, heat and plenty of humidity. Here at Verge Pipe Media, it also means golf season and prime time for beta testing our app, Golf Joust.

As a nimble and tenacious start-up, we would’ve been hard-pressed this summer without help from a handful of eager minds with capable sets of hands.

We’ll be graduating our Summer Imagineers tomorrow to final semesters of school and job seeking. When it comes to technology and digital communication, we’ve found GenY to have loads of raw talent and inherent skill. They are native technology users; so it’s frustrating to see them turned down by prospective employers on straight-up “years of experience” when the breadth of their experience within our digital landscape often outpaces that of the interviewer.

At Verge Pipe Media, we believe in potential and invest an incredible amount of time and energy into training and placing A-Players. Any new position – whether you are experienced or not – comes with a learning curve. We’re fortunate to be growing our company and, thus, will have the opportunity to grow with our employees.

Instead of delving into VPM’s hiring philosophy and trying to make a case for our value set, we’d like to let a handful of Millennials speak for themselves. Here they are: the Summer 2012 class of Imagineers…

Answering the question: “What do you look for from your prospective employer? What do you value most?”

Important factors that I’m looking for from my employer are definitely: money, long-term potential, good benefits and a good relationship with me, as well as the rest of my colleagues. I’m going to be paying for everything on my own now and I need a stable income – so money is a pretty big factor. Money also gives me motivation and willingness to work harder. Long-term potential is also something I look for; I want to be in a business that I know I will be happy in for a while and if I stay in the company long enough, hopefully I have the opportunity to work my way up. Good benefits are also a plus. Who wouldn’t want some great benefits? Last but not least, I want my boss to put in the effort to have a good relationship with me as well as the rest of my colleagues; this shows me that they care about who works in their company and I think everyone is happier in a workplace when everyone has a good relationship with one another. – Stephanie Young || The top 3 things I look at when selecting a job are: security, pay, and my own interest in the position. I believe with these three things I’ll be happy and motivated enough to succeed. Security and pay are obviously a must but people who tend to love their job also do well at it. However, in this job market security is very hard to find, which may make these unrealistic. – Jonathan Deurlein || There are two factors that create the perfect professional atmosphere: creative opportunities and long term potential. I’d need both, not just one or the other, to truly thrive in a job. I want an employer who values my unique set of skills enough to constantly put them to the test, through projects and tasks that challenge the bounds of my creativity. With all the growth that kind of atmosphere would inspire, I would need somewhere to channel it. That’s where the long term potential comes in. I want to be working toward a career goal within the comfort of a company I already love. – Lane Jones || When looking at a future employer, there are a few things I always look for. The first: I look at how much money I will be making; this is why we all work and everyone needs to make sure the pay at a potential job will be enough for them to live comfortably in the area. Another thing I look at is the employer’s reputation. I don't want to work for a company that doesn't have a good reputation. Also, I want to work for a company that is technologically current. – Ashley McElduff || With graduation and the real world right around the corner, I have started to think about what kind of employer I would like to have after my college career is over. I will be looking for something that pays well, has good benefits (like medical insurance) and is made up of an accepting and relaxed atmosphere or team. Most important of all though, I would like a job that I really love and enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like I’m dreading going to work everyday. Since I am majoring in studio art, I also desire a job that will encompass my creative side. For the most part, I just want a job that I am content with and that earns me enough money to live a comfortable life. – Emmy Casey || With public relations, I will probably be doing multiple internships before I land a job. Yes, money and benefits are awesome, but they are not likely to happen until I have more experience. I have resigned immediate wealth, realizing these internships and my first jobs will teach me a lot about the field I love. When I am looking for an internship or job, I am looking most for a learning experience. Ultimately, I want to be successful and proud of my work. To get there, I believe I need to learn as much as I can, so that by the time I get to my dream job I will be an expert on all things public relations -- and kick butt. – Veazey Tramel

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