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Monday Morning Brand QB

Posted by Don Crow on Feb 4, 2013 7:03:30 AM

Because, “Oh No! We’ve got 7 months until football resumes!” is a horrible title.

Monday after the Super Bowl – why isn’t it a US national holiday?! I mean, come on we’re prodded for at least two weeks prior to kick off to empty store shelves of every chip, snack and soft drink imaginable, put our butchers on overtime and fight for beer like it’s the latest gift fad in December.

And then get up and go to work on a Monday morning?


But work we are doing today at Verge Pipe Media, even if the bulk of the morning was discussing Facebook not approving our Friday Entrepreneur Bowl infographic and of course, last night’s commercial spots.

Because really, the commercials aren’t for consumers any more, they’re for ad agencies to dissect and Mad Men wannabes to critique.

And that’s a little sad to me.

If you’re going to pay $4 million dollars for 30 seconds of widespread visual debauchery, plus the millions required to actually produce the spot, shouldn't it have something to do with your brand and your consumer of choice? NOTE: Don't forget to vote for your favorite in our Facebook poll.

IMHO Budweiser came close. The Clydesdales are an established and great visual for their brand, even if the only real connection to the beer itself is the mythical notion of a team of them actually delivering Budweiser beer to your favorite watering hole.

Jeep did a good job of telling a brand story. From there (history lesson) to here (present day) and tugging at a red, white and blue heart string, Jeep made an impression.

Taco Bell, despite personal misgivings about the food, entertained me. Am I going there anytime soon? Nope. Am I going there when I’m a senior citizen? Nope. But I chuckled last night.

GoDaddy did what they always do: generate visceral comments. I got to read posts which spanned everything from, “Thanks for making me wish I’d stuck at my computer science degree,” to “Inappropriate. My 5-year old daughter was watching.”

And the list goes on. Your opinions no doubt differ from mine. Heck, we couldn't even reach an agreement in the office.

But here’s my big takeaway from last night, which I hope those of you actively toiling away in the Social Media marketing universe will take heed….

  • I followed the halftime show and football action in my Facebook news feed
  • I followed the commercials and reactions in my Twitter feed

And the two really didn’t crossfade. Why? Certainly not because I've mastered Facebook's page rank and learned to filter my friends feed.

My Facebook friends are 95% real friends, acquaintances and those I’ve spent time with. My Twitter feed is full of other startup founders (who were working with the TV on – or so they tweeted) and ad agency master minds, most of whom I've never even met. Two very different segments, on two very different channels, each with its own distinct purpose in my social streams.

Lesson: mind the difference between your audience on different social feeds and their wants, needs and yes, brand tastes.

Pushing the same content across channels shows very little to no respect for your audience and in turn, could create a negative perception for your brand. Respect the medium. Respect your audience. Monday Morning Brand Quarterback in action. See you next year!


Author: is Founder & CEO at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media
assists public institutions, enterprises and the non-profit sector with Imaginative
Inbound Marketing strategies + campaigns. We also have a development team
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