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Move over Candy Crush, there’s a new App in town

Posted by Allison Gair on Jan 18, 2014 8:32:07 AM

Move over Candy Crush, there’s a new App in town

Are you trying to wean yourself away from Candy Crush Saga? After all, you are embarrassed to admit you have breezed through 312 levels and everyone is sick of your Facebook requests to unlock a new episode for you.


QuizUp is a new App that has exploded into popularity in the App store for iPhones. With over 150,000 questions and 200 categories, you will never get bored of challenging your Facebook friends or random people from around the world. Last week, my roommate introduced me to the app, and I have been hooked ever since. I have quickly reached new levels and unlocked some “achievements”.

Logos – “the eye candy of all your favorite brands”

From United States Postal Service’s emblem to Grateful Dead’s logo, this category has such a variety, that you will never get bored. Sorry, but no, I do not know the logo for Chelsea Football Club. But, I could never forget what Coca-Cola’s symbol is.


Friends – The one with the trivia game



It’s always fun to see if you remember that Rachel sang Copacabana at Barry’s wedding to Mindy. Monica worked at Moondance Diner, not Sundance Diner; this one gets me every time.

Q: Chandler’s boss slaps him on his _______ and yells “BING!”

A: His butt, duh!

When Ross and Rachel were on a break, Ross kissed whom? Chloe, the copy girl, obvi!


US States – Really, you knew that Montpelier was the capital of Vermont?

Yeah, you thought this would be a breeze. You aced U.S. Geography in the fifth grade and you pride yourself on being the Geography Bee winner at your Elementary School. All these years later, do you remember what state borders Nebraska to the North? I didn’t think so. Luckily, I do remember that Clumbus is the capital of Ohio and not any of the other three cities that also start with a ‘C’, tricky QuizUp, very tricky.


How I Met Your Mother – This will be Legen-wait for it-dary


You had almost forgotten how annoying Ted could be until QuizUp asks you if you remember the name of the girl he briefly dated and thought he was going to marry. Answer: all of them. And did you take a good look at the book Ted and Jeanette were both reading when they met on the subway? Me neither. But, who could forget that Robin is a HUGE fan of the Vancouver Canucks.



So, put down Candy Crush Saga and start testing yourself. QuizUp can be educational or it can be entertaining. See if you can remember all the drama that has happened in your favorite trashy reality shows. Or, simply quiz your brain on math and physics.

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