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'Muppets Most Wanted': Twitter Marketing Done Right

Posted by Gray on Jan 31, 2014 2:30:30 AM

One of the biggest components of the evolving digital age, is Twitter. It serves as a virtual journal for young people to vent about who they spotted their ex-boyfriends with; it offers people who in the same industry to engage in conversations from the comfort of couches thousands of miles away; many comedians have realized how to use it as a place to showcase their humor to convert followers into fans.

Perhaps the funniest thing to happen with Twitter has to do with the movie industry. In a traditional movie trailer, you see the producers attempts to garner aplomb and credibility for their film by having the movie-voice-guy say things like, "The New York Times calls it 'a triumph.'"

In a time when Hollywood studios will green-light scripts written by 14 year-olds and Robert Deniro and Stallone will literally say 'yes' to any movie, it becomes increasingly hard to find critics who have said anything good about their movie. Their solution? Rather than relay the opinions of renowned film critics, movies, such as Grudge Match, have opted to show viewers what people have been tweeting about the movie.

During the recent Golden Globes, the marketing team for the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted movie, played off of this notion, revealing the flaws of Twitter reviews in a hilarious and clever way. Playing off Twitter users' notoriously bad grammar and lack of good diction, this new Muppets TV spot begins with, "Critics across the Internet...", giving satirical, but very realistic, displays of the best and brightest minds of Twitter.





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