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News Release: Verge Pipe Media Leads the Charge on Facebook Timeline Roll Out

Posted by admin on Feb 29, 2012, 3:59:36 PM

Just as local business owners have come to embrace and understand the significance of social media, Facebook is shaking it up again. The recently announced and redesigned Facebook “Page” will create a new set of marketing challenges and opportunities for business owners. Social media marketing agency, Verge Pipe Media (VPM), is leading the charge with a rapid shift to the new format, fresh educational content and free, informal consultations for business owners.

As Facebook Timeline is rolled out forcibly on March 30, 2012, businesses will have to move with greater agility, responsiveness and commitment to customer service. Some highlights of the change to “Pages” include:

  • Greater need for uniform branding and a clear marketing strategy
  • More emphasis on aesthetics and rich-media
  • Inclusion of historical record or major milestones (includes associated photos and video)
  • Fixed or “pinned” content at the top of the timeline
  • Increased visibility for fans – and that includes comments Xand reviews!
  • Availability of direct messaging
  • Demoted role for gatekeeper and custom tabs
  • Read more over here!

Join Verge Pipe Media LIVE on Twitter with your questions: Thursday, March 1st @ 6:30pm EST. Use the hashtag #AskVPM to follow the conversation!

Verge Pipe Media is offering free, informal consultations for business owners and marketing leads. Founder & CEO, Don Crow (@doncrow) and COO, Meredith Singer (@mascomm) will be fielding “big picture” questions and talking with business owners about new design challenges, customization options and retooled Facebook campaign strategies. Get in touch via Twitter, drop Verge Pipe Media a line via or direct message the team on Facebook:


VPM leads the timeline charge


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