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O Days has Room to Improve

Posted by Allison Gair on Jan 21, 2014 3:29:58 AM

o days has room to improve verge pipe media


Organization Day, informally known as O-Day, is a great way that students at Auburn University get involved. It takes place during the first full week of both Fall and Spring semester, as well as a few sporadic days each month.

A lot of great student organizations including Auburn Conservations, Black Student Union and Eagle Eye TV pile in the Student Center or on the Haley Center Concourse ready to answer any questions you may have about their organization. While it is a great way for students to learn about getting involved, many of my fellow peers, including myself, avoid O-Day as much as possible. Every year, I hear students complain about O-Days. I decided to compile a list of what organizations could do to make their time at Organization Days as successful as possible.

DO look welcoming.

Speaking on behalf of the shy portion of Auburn’s student body, I would never approach an organization’s table, if the person sitting there looked miserable and uninterested. Make your time while on the concourse valuable.

DON’T be overbearing.

Students, including myself, hate the feeling of being attacked or bombarded with people asking to stop and take time to come to your table and learn about their organization.

DO give fliers (preferably with food).

With ten minutes to get to and from class, most students do not have the time to stop at an organizations’ table. A smart way to gain potential new members is to give out small fliers with information. Especially with food! A brilliant idea is to give out lollypops or candies with specific details about meeting times and contact information on it.

DON’T have too many members at your table.

As a potential new member, I would be less likely to walk up to a group of people than to just one or two people. Having too many members working the table can seem overwhelming and intimidating.


o days has room to improve verge pipe media

DO use social media

Using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is a smart way to promote your events as well as recruit potential new members. Show students why your organization is the best and remind them to stop by your table on the concourse!

Organization Days is a way for organizations to show off their group, recruit new members, or to promote events. Remember, as an organization, it is your job to use your time wisely and make the best of it.

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