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On Reputation and the Next-Gen for Education

Posted by admin on Jan 22, 2013 8:55:56 AM

Top Universities by Reputation 2012

The Times Higher Education World report rankings are based on the subjective judgement of a few individuals. However, these individuals are senior, published academics asked to vote by invite-only.

The list consists of 100 universities around the globe that are believed to be the most powerful university brands. The United States, proudly, has seven in the top 10 that are sure to be recognizable to the average eye. Why are they recognizable?

Name recognition. Branding. Output. Regardless of how the list is judged, it gives you a general idea of why all of these elements have to work together for top-tier success.

Next-Gen State U

Incoming students spend the majority of their lives connecting via smartphone, tablet, laptop -- you name it. They are constantly sharing everything about their life. So how would a next-gen state university work? The incoming crops of students aren't engaging in traditional types of media. They don't watch TV, they watch Netflix. They don't even use Facebook, they are all over Snapchat and Instagram. Social Media is a great way to show the personality of your university to your students, alum and prospective students -- but these digital relationships need to be tended and taken seriously.

In addition, as this article points out, the higher education sector should be attuned to modern students' desire for affordable and flexible learning environments.

Preparing Kids for a Connected World

University of Southern California Annenberg Professor, Henry Jenkins, coined the term "participatory learning". His strategies include allowing students to use their cell phones to do research and participate in class. Jenkins also worked with a team to develop a strategy called PLAY - Participatory Learning and You.

"We've always wanted young people to critically engage with the information around them," Jenkins said. Jenkins is just one of many professors that are eager to provide innovative learning environments for future generations.

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