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Online Deals For Your Small Business

Posted by CarlyVPM on Apr 17, 2014 5:15:10 AM

Summer is steadily approaching (thank goodness) and so are the summer bargains that consumers will be able to snatch. Sites that post online deals like Groupon and Amazonlocal have proven to be beneficial components of marketing plans for most small businesses. That’s right, I said marketing plans.

Because most businesses on Groupon or Amazonlocal are promoting deals that are 50 to 90 percent off, consumers rarely spend more than what the coupons grant. With that being said, it is more beneficial for small businesses to set an exact dollar amount for their online deals, and not pour too much money into one specific “getaway” or “good.”

Online Deals And Your Small Business

Instead, adopt a strategy that utilizes online deal sites for purposes other than the deals that simply bring in bargain seekers.

Use these sites to advertise and attract new customers -from people on vacation in your area, to people who may have not heard about your business just yet- who have the potential to turn into “regulars” once they have an incentive (the coupon) to try your products.

Online Deals And Your Small Business

Relationships with new customers can go even further if your online deal spans across a certain number of visits or services. Although one-time buys will get new customers through the door, keep the mere-exposure effect - the idea that people feel a preference for people/things simply because they are familiar- in mind.

Online Deals And Your Small Business

These coupons can be used to get the ball rolling for a new or slow-moving product, as well.

Online Deals And Your Small Business

Because who is going to spring for a kitchen mat that is usually priced at $199...

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