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Pizza Hut Mobile Delivers

Posted by admin on Oct 17, 2012 10:57:40 AM

Pizza Hut created a “killer app for your appetite” that really delivers. The app transforms the way that customers interact with the company by allowing users to view and order menu items directly from their mobile device.

Chaotic Moon, a mobile application studio, helped develop the newest Pizza Hut app. The strategy is simple: people who are ordering a pizza want a quick and easy meal, so why not make the ordering process just as easy? So they did.

pizza hut mobile

The Pizza Hut iPhone app is beautifully designed, allowing you to visually build your own pizza order. You start off with a plain cheese pizza (and your choice of crust) and then move through the app to select the size, toppings, and sides. Pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu. In addition to a full menu of pasta, wings, desserts and drinks, Pizza Hut’s home screen allows customer to scroll through their most popular selections, current deals and discounts, and access previous orders.

The app is designed for pizza lovers with an appetite. No registration is required to place order. The app is designed to process credit cards without forcing users to create an account or log-in.

Pizza Hut has a longstanding history of aggressively targeting mobile marketing. The stand-alone Pizza Hut app was a follow-up to their iPhone optimized website. The mobile app has consistently been one of the top rated offerings in the App Store’s Lifestyle section.

A good mobile app experience makes the interaction between brand and buyer easier and, if you’re doing it right, more enjoyable. The Pizza Hut app removes the need to look up a number, removes the need to read your credit card info out to some stoned college kid over the phone, and generates an instant pickup / delivery ticket.

Doug Terfehr, director of public relations at Pizza Hut, told MobileMarketer that “[m]obile advertising is a major part of our overall marketing strategy. We want to be where our consumers are and we know our consumers are using their phones more and more often for commerce and convenience.”

A growing number of companies are starting to see their iPhone applications as a way to reinforce their brand and to gain new customers. In the case of Pizza Hut, customers were attracted to the simplicity and ease of ordering a meal with just a few taps. Oh, and what about business?! The Pizza Hut application generated over $1 million in sales within three months of launching.

Pizza Hut’s iPhone app nails user experience and delights you with the way it displays content. The company figured out how to create content that thrives in a mobile environment.

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