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Power Moms: The Darlings of Social Media

Posted by admin on Apr 11, 2012 1:38:24 PM

Who is today’s modern mom?

You might want to throw out your go-to stereotype of the “mom-jean” wearing, minivan-driving, soccer mom because today’s moms not only think they’re cooler than their kids, some of them probably are.

Enter the reign of the Power Mom.

Who is she? What makes her so “powerful”? She’s not your average cooking, cleaning, stay-at-home mommy dearest. She’s a fierce women and she gets sh*t done. She acts like a lady and thinks like a boss. Today’s Power Mom is a decision maker, a community organizer, a breadwinner, a smart shopper, a blogger, a tech savvy sweetie and a social networker.

Forget counting on moms to be dependable, traditional marketing consumers - just like Generation Y, they are “like so over that.”

So, you want to get to the Power Mom? Well, if you’re a business or a brand, you’re in luck because your marketing strategy won’t stray too far from your marketing strategy for the Generation Y’ers.

Social Media Mamas

If you haven’t jumped aboard the social media marketing train yet, well sirs and ma’ams, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do as a business. It serves a huge role in the the lives of almost all demographics of people in the world today. In the case of the Power Mom, social media is becoming increasingly popular in the lives of middle class mothers ages 30 to 50 years old.

According to Nielsen Wire, Power Moms make up nearly 20 percent of the online population.

Mothers with kids under 18 are 19 percent more likely than the general population to engage in social networking, and even more likely to become a fan or follow a brand (31 percent more likely), become a fan or follow a celebrity (24 percent more likely) and comment on others postings (27 percent more likely).

Power Moms are also mobile. They are constantly going, going, going. But not to worry, they are never out of touch. They can’t be. With a family who constantly needs them, they are always on call.

Smartphone owners in America now stand at 46 percent. They currently outnumber the 41 percent of adults who own a cellphone that is not a smartphone. So the likelihood that your target Power Mom is not only on Facebook, but also using her smartphone to get there is constantly increasing.

Moms Hanging With Moms

Another similarity to Generation Y’ers: moms hang with moms. They often travel in packs and strongly believe in the philosophy “If you’re not a mom, you just don’t understand.” Because when it comes to being a mom, what more reliable source is there than another mom?

According to the blog “Marketing to Moms,” 65 percent of mothers purchase a product based on recommendations from other moms.

Earn the trust and loyalty of one Power Mom, and you’ve nearly earned them all.

Smart Shoppers and Savvy Savers

Power Moms love to power shop. They look for products and brands they can trust and trust so much that they can become loyal purchasers. Moms don’t have time to waste trying an entire buffet of brands. They want one they can count on. They want to grab it and go.

Saving money is also at the top of the priority list when it comes to running a household. One surefire way to attract the attention of the Power Mom is to present her with savings, discounts or promotions. Moms are constantly seeking money saving strategies. This is the reason why couponing and digital couponing has turned into an Olympic sport especially among mothers with families.

“Established Moms gravitate to online shopping destinations where they are likely to be receptive to highly relevant promotions to allow her to indulge herself while saving on her family's needs,” said Jessica Hogue, research director, Nielsen Online. “However, marketers shouldn't rule out the rising prominence of social networking sites among this cohort, which is one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook.”

Blogging Babes

Rewinding for a moment back to “Moms hanging with Moms”....when it comes to giving and receiving advice about motherhood, moms don’t want to hear anything from anyone other than a fellow mom.

Power Moms uniting with other Power Moms? Wow, that’s some powerful stuff.

Circle of Moms is the largest and fastest growing online community for moms with 6 million members and growing. Other popular blog communities include Savvy Sassy Moms, Social Moms, 247 Moms and Modern Mom.

All of these sites are destinations where mothers can connect and share information, ideas, tips and find support.

Researching blogs like these present great insight into what the modern day mom does, wants, likes, thinks, buys and talks about. It may be difficult to understand what it’s like to be a mom if you’ve never experienced it, but exploring these blogs may be the next best thing. This is where Power Moms spill their stuff.

So, you want to get to the Power Mom? Fine tune your marketing strategies to suit these modern mamas and you’ll be on your way to a successful campaign. Watch out for more "Power Moms" strategy, here at Verge Pipe Media.

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