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Ranking the SEC on Twitter

Posted by admin on Mar 20, 2013 9:22:54 AM

Here at Verge Pipe Media we spend a lot of time on social media. Okay… all of our time! Rather than focus solely on our own community, we believe it is important to apply best practices in evaluating other organizations and their social media efforts. If someone is doing it well, we take note and share. If not, well we try and discreetly steer them to our resources section.

It’s also no secret we love working with Higher Education and are firmly planted in the heart of the Southeastern Conference (athletics). So, we rolled all that together beginning last Fall and began a comprehensive study of how the Universities in the SEC perform on Twitter. We evaluated them across a number of different criteria, all designed to give us (and you) a picture of who is leading the pack, and who should be calling us for a free consultation at the conclusion of reading this report.

With that, here’s our ranking the SEC on Twitter from top to bottom. For explanations, methodology and concluding insights, download in the full report below!


Ranking the SEC on Twitter

Download the full report below!

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