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Sales Incentives, Squirrely Data and Beta Labs

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2012 1:39:46 PM

We love to work with enterprises on a myriad of problems and products (often both). Here at Verge Pipe Media, our value-add is the strategic team that works alongside our software engineers and mobile application developers. We talk regularly with our friends "on-the-other-side" and enjoy staying on top of news and current events, particularly those that have some play at the enterprise level.

So, we're sharing... at least the informal part of our studies. We'll be rolling these Enterprise Round Ups out a few times a week, with a focus on popular news, tidbits and blogs that may be relevant to executives and strategists operating at the enterprise-level. The curated column is not meant to be industry standard - we're just interested in ideas. And your thoughts, of course...

// Big data is so hot right now. How do you squirrel yours away?!

Big data is all over the tech headlines; but if you are an enterprise-level executive or manager, data is “old hat”. Why the fuss, Captain Obvious?

Trust: our enthusiasm isn’t misplaced. Current innovations in the big data field are exciting. Making data sets scalable and easily divisible has been a hard nut to crack. But Sqrrl -- emerging from the National Security Alliance – may just be the startup to do it.

Sqrrl is tackling the problem by administering security at the cell level. In theory, different portions of your electronic record could have different security clearances, allowing other apps and third-party devices to pull pertinent information without compromising the entire record.

According to TechCrunch, Sqrrl is looking at partnerships with business intelligence providers. Keep an eye out.

// Are your customers involved in product design? At all?

Scott Anthony does a bang-up job of explaining how companies can use customer feedback during the product design and “blueprinting” process. How close are you to your customer base? How often do you talk with them? Who is involved in the conversation? I’ll stop writing. Go read this one.

// Show me the monnneeey! How do you rally your sales team?

There are plenty of CRM tools out there to help your sales team but these platforms don’t, necessarily, provide motivation. Internal reviews, commissions, bonuses and "impassioned" leadership provide that spark. But, Xactly hopes to come in with the assist. The software will hook into APIs for, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, drawing data to help sales reps and agents manage commissions and see where they stack up against one another.

Motivating? Or distracting? You pick... but please take 3 minutes to watch Cuba dance!

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