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Scary Innovation from 6 Awesome Halloween Apps

Posted by admin on Oct 31, 2012 5:53:32 AM

When I was a kid, I had mental map of all the houses in the neighborhood that gave out name-brand candy bars. In the age of smartphones, kids have eschewed mental maps for mobile apps. With Halloween upon us, it’s time to take a look at the apps out there specifically designed to make your Halloween more seamlessly spooky. These apps take age-old Halloween traditions (trick-or-treating, costumes, even pumpkin carving) to the digital sphere.

Make A Zombie (iPhone, Android): For one day, this free app lets you change your online avatar into something a little scarier. In honor of Halloween, you can change your photo to include creepy faces and style yourself for a truly spooky look.

make a zombie, halloween app

Ghost O Meter: This Ghost O Meter might not have the accuracy of the Monitor 4 Radiation Detector of Ghostbusters fame, but it can tell you who is dressed to kill. Ghost O Meter is the brainchild of Burns Marketing, developed after a couple creaking doors and cryptic messages led their team to think that their building was haunted. They took the problem into their own hands and had their digital technologists build a device that could give them an answer once and for all. Or at least gives users a chance to make their Halloween experience a little more mobile.

The Trick or Tracker: The Trick or Tracker app from Iconosys lets parents keep track of their kid’s locations as they make their rounds through the neighborhood. Parents receive location updates via text messages, and the kids can also check in on their parent’s location with just the click of a button. Children can also send a distress signal, which instantly sends their location to a parent. The Android app lets parents set a maximum distance that the child wander from home base and sends an alert if they go too far.

Slashing Pumpkins: For some good old fashioned stress relief, download the Slashing Pumpkins app, which has you slash as many pumpkins as possible in a given amount of time--without setting off the bombs hiding in the background. The better you get, the harder the game becomes. Usually 99 cents, the app is free from Amazon for Halloween, and a great way to spend your sugar high.

Life360: Though not specifically branded for Halloween, Life360 lets parents create their trick-or-treating routes ahead of time (and make sure that you bypass all the houses stocking store-brand candy). Parents can see where their kids are located and if they need help by having them check in periodically throughout the night. Kids can trick or treat safely with the help of their GPS-enabled phone and industrial-sized candy bucket.

Digital Dudz: If you’ve waited until the last minute to come up with a costume, Digital Dudz help you create an instant costume with just your smart phone, a t-shirt, and some duct tape. Animations include real footage of a beating heart and darting eyeballs! Each selection has sound effects and interactive features. You can double tap the heart and it turns into maggots. Double tap again and it’s a pile of writhing snakes. It’s a quick and creepy costume solution for all the procrastinators in our midst.

digital dudz, halloween app
Going mobile can make even your most ghoulish dreams come true. Mobile apps have changed the way we attack even basic tasks by implementing technology like geo-fencing, tracking, group messaging, and more. Fun and frivolous holiday festivities are adapting to suit a changing social landscape (and demonstrating some scary innovation in the process).

When an 8 year-old wearing a spandex Spiderman suit packs more mobile punch than your multi-million dollar enterprise, don't you think that it is about time your business starts aggressively going mobile too? From the whimsical to the practical, these Halloween apps demonstrate the transformative power of going mobile.


Author: is our Fall Editor & Word-Smith here at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media assists public institutions, enterprises and the non-profit sector with Imaginative Inbound Marketing strategies + campaigns. We also have a development team chock full of Marvelous Mobile Migrators, poised to help transition our clients into a mobile + social world with custom software, iOS and Android mobile apps.

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