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Second Half of Summer | All Aboard

Posted by Don Crow on Jul 8, 2013 4:24:17 AM

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Now that the 4th of July is behind us, many business owners will shift their thoughts to finishing up the second half of 2013 with a bang.

It’s no different here in the land of Dr Seuss greeters, open floor plans, great coffee and even better interns. Yes, that’s us – Verge Pipe Media.

If you’re professional and not a native of the Lee County area, you know that after hours networking isn’t really a cultural phenomenon that has caught on. If you are a native, you’re probably wondering why after-hours networking is needed given all the professional associations who host once a month, 1.5 to 2 hour lunch breaks.

But, everyone who goes to work in Lee County who touches social media, mobile marketing and technology or aspires to be the next Bill Gates has time to blast out of the office at 11 am and return after 1 pm to sit through buffet lunches and guest speakers. No really, they don’t. There’s a whole subset of the employed in the Auburn and Opelika area who work through lunch on behalf of brand monitoring, improving code on a website or app or who take the “break” to polish up their business plan while they’re not on the clock.

The traditional networking models don’t really work for this crowd and that’s why we’re thrilled to be launching a community wide effort to rally those who are interested in the world of social, mobile and startup cultures to a new destination: Auburn Opelika Central (or AO Central for short).

You can learn more via our own website – certainly. But we hope you’ll make the trip out to The Hound in downtown Auburn on the first Tuesday of each month from 6 – 8 pm CST. It’s a great place to meet others with similar interests, hoist a pint, wine glass or even a martini and engage in some good old fashioned social networking pre-Facebook.

Other events planned as part of AO Central are once per month classes and seminars about social media and marketing topics relevant to the small and medium size business owners of Lee County. These are sessions we’ll host here at Verge Pipe Media (unless seating demands otherwise) where you can bring your own lunch, a handful of business cards and learn something new about how your social media and mobile savvy customers shop, share and spend money.

And for our coders out there – fear not – we’ve got something for you too. On the third Wednesday of every month, we’re bringing back, “Hump Day Hack Night” along with the free wi-fi, Red Bull and Monster energy drinks that made it famous in the Fall of 2012.

Although most of the events are currently planned in Auburn, this really is about connecting Opelika AND Auburn (and points beyond) by way of topics and individuals who have bigger aspirations than a High School football rivalry. We actually put the call out to a couple of Opelika locations to host, but sadly, they weren’t interested (yet).

There will be an email list you can sign up for, but don’t worry. We value our time and privacy as much as you do, and your email address will only be used to let you know about our monthly events and news of note that gets generated out of those events.

Do yourself a favor, join us soon and close out the 2nd Half of 2013 on the AO Central. All Aboard!

Author: is Founder & CEO at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media is a strategic digital marketing and Public Relations firm assisting clients in Higher Ed, consumer goods, startup tech companies and more.

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