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Shazam Scores During Super Bowl XLVI with Audio Tags

Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2012 1:52:11 PM

Shazam is a mobile music application that seems to be hitting a sweet spot within the marketing world, particularly after the 2012 Super Bowl. Did you catch those little blue boxes in the corner of your TV during XLVI?

Shazam's sound recognition capabilities direct users to music info and, now, bonus content and special deals. What better time to unroll these new features than during the Super Bowl when millions of viewers are watching?!

Prior to the advertising turn, Shazam was focused on music discovery. Hear a cool song? Pull up the app, press the huge logo and everything you need to know about the tune is placed at your fingertips: information on the artist, song title, music label, lyrics, a link to iTunes, tour info and links to YouTube videos.

But now, Shazam has broadened its approach, moving from 'music discovery' to just 'discovery'. TV shows & advertisers are able to tether Shazam to embedded calls-to-action (nearly half of Super Bowl XLVI commercials were optimized and tagged for Shazam). Once Shazam runs, users are able to go back and revisit the song and/or commercial.

For the Super Bowl, new options included: game stats, polls, cross-over advertising, NBC sports, game merchandise, secondary app downloads, feedback, Twitter and Facebook.

Some of the deals offered during Super Bowl XLVI:

  • Toyota – the ad includes a sweepstake to win two Camry automobiles – one for you and one for a friend!
  • Best Buy – Best Buy’s spot features two of Shazam’s founders. Additionally, Best Buy is running a $50 gift card offer for consumers looking to buy and activate a mobile phone in 2012.
  • – when viewers use Shazam to tag the ad, will donate $1.00 to one of seven charities, up to $100,000.
  • Pepsi – the new ad features the winner of the X-FACTOR – Melanie Amaro - performing Otis Redding’s song “Respect”.
  • Teleflora – viewers who tag Teleflora’s “Give” ad starring super model Adriana Lima receive a secret offer.

Ease of installation: 5 out of 5
Shazam may be installed for free on multiple devices, such as: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7, (SHAZAM) RED.

Ease of use: 5 out of 5
Shazam makes navigating the application simple and easy; the button to “Shazam” is front-and-center on the home screen and searching old tags is a snap.

General utility: 4 out of 5
Shazam has just started rolling out its unique, multimedia ad integration. We anticipate more audio tags on broadcast content, radio shows and, eventually, websites. At the foundation, Shazam continues to be a go-to app for identifying music when in the car, dentist's office or club.

User engagement: 4 out of 5
Shazam integrates with Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to share information with friends and folks within your social community.

“Keeper” factor: 4 out of 5

Article by: Jackie Powell, Imagineer ||

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