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Skip this Ad but don't Skip Mobile

Posted by admin on Aug 23, 2012 1:34:26 PM

Enterprise Round Up: we're talking hospitality, advertising and the rapid rise of mobile. Headlines are links.

The rise of the CCO, Chief Customer Officer

With flagging sales and heavy online competition, Best Buy is making a bold step towards winning back their customers. The new executive team is getting a new member: one with a big, badass title, charged exclusively with hospitality. Best Buy is the latest headline-maker to focus on customer intelligence and customer service, creating a full-on hospitality vertical. Best Buy's prices are competitive (most of the time), but the in-store experience has come under fire and there all sorts of complaints and review claiming the Best Buy staff isn’t trained adequately on products and customer service. Let's hope the hospitality executive has some serious solutions in the pipeline!

If you were (or are) behind with computing, don't expect the same grace period with mobile

When you have some time, go check out this long, well-researched Ars Technica article charting the progression and comparative development of PCs and mobile technology. We found the chart on the last page rather illuminating. Technology is most definitely developing at a crazy high, accelerated rate. Who knows what the future holds? Hopefully your company will still be around to see it.

Skip this ad >

YouTube's skippable ad player has been around for a while, but now it's rolling out on mobile phones. Considering that's where an increasing percentage of YouTube views happen, it makes you wonder: what's the point? Sure, advertisers can target prospective customers with laser-like precision... but who is watching? If users are given an option to skip an ad and continue on to the video they originally wanted to watch, it's going to happen unless you've done something truly special with your :30.

Until next time... Ciao ciao!

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