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#SochiProblems at the 2014 Olympic Games

Posted by Allison Gair on Feb 14, 2014 3:37:26 AM

We all heard about it leading up the events. Would Sochi be able to finish the construction before the 2014 Olympic Games? Well, we are one week into the event and it is clear to see that the answer is no. Guests, fans, news anchors, and even athletes took to Twitter to complain about the unlivable situation in Sochi. #SochiProblems is the hashtag that spread like wildfire and began trending within hours. It became so popular that someone decided to make a Twitter account dedicated to the laughable, yet kind of sad living conditions in Sochi.

#sochiproblems at the 2014 winter olympics vpm


If you haven't seen Sochi's water, well I will quickly describe it. It's brown. Hotels were warning their guests not the use the water on their faces because it was very dangerous. But, it wasn't dangerous to drink?

#sochiproblems at the 2014 olympic games vpm


Poor Johnny Quinn. The USA bobsledder has been having a rough time in Sochi. He was trapped in his bathroom and had to break through the door, which appears to look like cardboard. Days after he tweeted this incident, he got trapped in the elevator.

#sochiproblems at the 2014 winter olympics


Nothing like some classic team bonding. Who needs walls of privacy when you're going to the bathroom? Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I hope you don't mind if I use the toilet right next to you.

#sochiproblems at the 2014 winter olympics vpm


Lastly, my personal favorite. A CNN reported tweeted at the organizer of the Olympics about problems he was having about his booked hotel rooms not being completed. His response = classic. Dmitry Chernyshenko simply told the reported to enjoy the mountainous view outside his window and not pay attention to the 10 unfinished rooms that were booked months in advanced.

All jokes aside, it is sad that athletes from around the world have come to compete in the most elite event in the world, and they have to live in these filthy, unkept rooms. They should come to the games and focus on their events, not being scared of accidently drinking the hazardous water, finding a bee in their honey, or falling down uncovered man-holes. With one week left in the Games, here's to hoping no one else gets stuck in their bathroom.

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