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Posted by CarlyVPM on Apr 11, 2014 3:45:55 AM

Well, “wedding season” is around the corner, and many couples are reaping the benefits of social media before, during and after their “big day.” From the proposal to every step taken down the aisle, social media is making its way into every detail that compiles a wedding. If you were unaware of this transition, then maybe taking a look at this link will fill you in on how the industry is utilizing social media to its advantage:

So, unless you plan on setting up a desk -for yourself with your laptop and cell phone- next to the bride and groom table to manage your wedding’s social media...consider some of these perks of incorporating a social media concierge into your “big day” budget. According to USA Today, they “promise to live-document a couple's entire knot-tying experience, from cake tasting to dress fitting to the increasingly popular altar-selfie-taking, via a plethora of platforms.”

Pinterest: Now I know you’re no Martha Stewart, but you never know how your décor, save the dates or DIY wedding projects will inspire other couples. Allowing your social media concierge to create an account for your wedding -on which pictures of your centerpieces, cake, favors, etc., are posted- not only makes a public board for your wedding, but also forms its own album of things you may not specifically want in a formal album.

-Something new: Take ideas from Pinterest, and use them to advertise the use of social media during your wedding. For example, a creative sign or favor with the hashtag.

social media concierge

Twitter: Your social media concierge, bridesmaids, mother-in-law, or other guests can tweet pictures, videos, and comments to a Twitter handle made specifically for your wedding.

For example: @FarefieldPartyofTwo @FarefieldWedding

Guests can choose to connect other social media platforms -Vine and Instagram- to their Twitter so you can build a nice collection throughout dress shopping, bridal showers, etc., as they post. This way, guests who want to stay updated can do so by scrolling through the Twitter profile.

-Something new: Make room for a page or two in your wedding album dedicated to the “Best Tweets.”

social media concierge

Vine: Why would you not want to see aspects of your wedding summed up in a 6-second video? I’m not saying your social media concierge will make you a “Vine Celebrity,” but, short snippets here and there of things such as the frosting all over your face after you cut the cake make for a great Vine.

-Something new: Even something as tedious as sealing and sending your invitations can make for a pleasant surprise to your guests, creating some excitement and anticipation. #RSVP

Instagram: Using the hashtag your social media concierge generates, all Instagram pictures and videos he or she posts, -in addition to those posted by your guests- make for a great digital photo album. Then, if you wish, your social media concierge can compile an album using a program such as Flickr, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery, or Shutterfly.

-Something new: To easily organize the Instagram posts, you can ask for a second hashtag to be used such as #dressshopping or #rehearsaldinner. That way, it is easy to categorize the posts based on just where they fit in before, during or after the wedding.

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