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Social Media Day: A Look at Digital History

Posted by admin on Jun 29, 2012 10:16:19 AM

In case you missed it, Saturday is world-wide "Social Media Day". #SMDay is a global meetup organized to celebrate the way Social Media has impacted our everyday lives.

It’s hard to miss the massive impact social media has upon on the world.

Try and wrap your brain around these numbers:

-2.7 billion Facebook likes per day

-250 million photos uploaded to Facebook daily

-2 billion check-ins on Foursquare

-35% of students searching for jobs on LinkedIn (a 700% increase since 2010)

-Over 1 trillion Youtube videos have been viewed

-Over 5 billion g+ clicks a week


Social Media day is not about celebrating big numbers; It’s about the effect it has upon our everyday existence. The beauty of Social Media is that it simultaneously makes the world a bigger and a smaller place. Bigger in the sense that we are continuously connected to all of humanity at once. Together, we are co-creating a collaborative history and then responding to events in real-time as they unfold across the world and across the yard.

However, most remarkable is the pace in which the world is shrinking. The Interconnectedness of social media has created a world in which real people are a click (or a thumb swipe) away - despite the limits of time or space.

Today's millennial generation is growing up in an environment of constant access. For them, social media is not merely entertainment; It’s a lifestyle, which leaves a detailed digital history that can be rediscovered after we have moved on.

Pause and reflect about what social media is producing - a historical timeline of events in our daily lives. No longer will people jumble together bits and pieces of history from old photo albums and fragmented memory. Instead they will look back in time and watch their lives unfold just as they did once upon a time.

In essence, your tweets, status updates, blog posts, Instagram photos, and Youtube videos are pieces in the sequential story of your life. Just imagine if you had a minute-by-minute story of events that occurred the day you were born. Or what if you could re-live the events lost in the impulsive youth of your grandparents? I'd like to relive a few of those journeys.

Social media has become our digital diary.

Here at Verge Pipe Media, we like to "drink our own kool-aid." So, we have dug through our own digital history for a few (relevant) social media themed blog post from way back when we were nothing more than an big idea on little wordpress blog. Enjoy.

7/6/2010: Two Reasons Every Business Needs Twitter

7/26/2010: What Telemarketing Can Teach SoMe

7/30/2010: Brands on SoMe: Put Your Twitter Strategy Under The Microscope

9/9/2011: My Own 9/11 Story

2/14/2012: Tweeting My Way Out of My Inbox

3/21/2012: 'Do's and 'Don't's for Facebook Cover Design

3/26/2012: Girl Gone Wild: Madonna Ditches TV and Business As Usual

3/29/2012: Facebook's New Timeline "Leaps" Into Brand Pages

4/11/2012: Power Moms: The Darlings of Social Media

4/16/2012: Facebook: "Top Stories" of 2012, So Far

5/14/2012: Social Media's 7 Deadly Sins

Now, go make history.

Do yourself, your customers, and your grandkids a favor and share your life online. It’s your history. Go make it.

- Happy Social Media Day!

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