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Spring Cleaning: A How-To Guide to Improving Your Facebook Page

Posted by Allison Gair on Feb 18, 2014 3:17:02 AM

It comes as no surprise when I tell you that most universities have a Facebook page. What may be new information is that some of these colleges still do not know how to use their Facebook page in an effective way. There are plenty of ways to improve Facebook posts that drive engagement to the page and increase likes, shares, and comments.



People love to not only see and hear what you have to say, but also see their friends and fellow fans content on the page. Tell your fans to share and send their favorite tailgating moments, for example, and the best ones will be posted.



Keep the questions simple, relate questions to fans lifestyles, and monitor their feedback. Every fan wants to be heard and questions are a great way to get fans involved with the University and also other fans.



Use a short sentence with one word missing to generate a significant amount of likes, shares, and especially comments. Use the post tactic in conjunction with a specific event, such as which football game fans are most excited for this season. Interact with your online community and get to know them better for future marketing campaigns.



Ask your fans to like a post to vote for option A, or share the post to vote for option B. This is an excellent way for your fan to spread on Facebook. An example would be to “like” if they wany to wear orange to the upcoming game, or “share” if they want to wear blue.



Hastags are a relatively new addition to Facebook. They categorize terms to increase brand, product, and campaign ideas. On the top right section of a Facebook page is a list of trending topics, the more you get people talking about your university, the higher it will climb on the trending list. Use tags to create awareness and engagement for specific marketing campaigns uch as contests.


By using these simple tips, it is a guaranteed way to increase fan engagement. None of these tips are specifically geared towards students, fans, or alumni, meaning the content has a wide range making it more reachable to a broader audience. As a result of gaining likes, comments, and shares, more people will engage with the university.

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