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Stay Mobile, Stay Fit: Nike Training Club

Posted by admin on Jan 27, 2012 12:55:07 PM

We hear ourselves say it every New Year’s Day, “This year I’m going to get into shape”, but come Valentine’s Day our commitment grows weak and our will power to resist that box of chocolates fails us. Before you diagnose yourself with a case of New-Year’s-Resolution-Failure-Syndrome, grab your phone and download the Nike Training Club app. Unlike your current gym membership, this one is free.The Nike Training Club App allows you access to over 85 custom-built workouts as well as 130 dynamic drills. It’s like having your own personal trainer inside your phone.

Choose your fitness level and a workout goal that targets getting lean, getting toned, getting strong or getting focused and the app presents detailed instructions, audio and video support to ensure you reach it the correct way.

The Nike Training Club offers exclusive extra workouts from celebrities such as Lea Michelle, Shawn Johnson and Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nunez.

Incorporate your favorite music into your workout by setting your routines to a desired album or playlist from your music library.

Earn rewards throughout your workouts to keep your momentum up and focus intact. Are you a cobra, risk taker, smooth operator or young gun? Collect points from each workout to find out.

Losing weight and getting into shape are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. The mobile app world has taken notice and jumped on the opportunity to provide the world with numerous apps that track your weight loss, measure your body mass index, help you count calories and provide exercise tips to help you tone and sculpt your target areas.

The Nike Training Club app stands out from other health and fitness apps due, largely, to the appeal of the Nike brand name. Nike is a brand that people recognize and trust. With their already established popular line of athletic wear, Nike has a large following of people that would likely put the same amount of their trust into the Nike Training Club app as they do into their Nike running shoes.

Nike knows a thing or two about fitness. They are the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel as well as a major athletic equipment distributor; this gives Nike an automatic advantage when they release a product to the public.

Now that 2012’s resolutions are in full swing, the Nike Training App is here to ensure you make it your resolution to keep your resolution.

- Cost (free)
- Brand name ensures a loyal crowd of users
- Easy registration
- Use at home or the gym
- Very easy to use, step by step instructions (written, audio and visual)
- Rewards feature keeps you motivated and shows your progress
- Excellent graphics

- Size (616 MB), large compared to other apps (Facebook 398 MB, Twitter 55.8 MB, Pinterest 49 MB) so it is a slow download
- Can wear out battery life

Cost: 5
Ease of Installation: 4
Ease of Use: 5
General Utility: 4
Engagement: 5
“Keeper” Factor: 4

Overall rating: 4.5

- Review by: Elizabeth Weeks, Imagineer ||

[Editor's note: as a mobile-social-local marketing company, we have to applaud Nike for recognizing a creative opportunity to expand into the mobile market by creating content with value, as opposed to pushing ads. Deft move.]

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