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Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial Recap

Posted by Gray on Feb 3, 2014 4:14:19 AM

“What’s more American than America?” Bob Dylan asked, as he capped off his illustrious and legendary career with a stunning Super Bowl Chrysler commercial.

To answer his question, I think Super Bowl XLVIII might be more American than America itself. In this current age of high-powered offenses, the Seahawks stout defense was reminiscent of teams of old. On a night when, for the first time in history, everyone was using their DVR to fast-forward through the game to watch commercials – something entertaining so all their pizza bites and Bud Light didn’t go to waste – it seemed that the theme of everything was ‘nostalgia.’

The money Chrysler had leftover after buying its Super Bowl spot, it used to thaw Dylan from his cryogenic state long enough to film a commercial that proved that, as Americans, we haven’t lost our ability to be ethnically insensitive, as per Dylan saying, “let Germany make your beer; let Switzerland make your watch;” and then he (the genius writers) weren’t really sure which country makes cell phones so just to be safe, they went with all of “Asia.

But there are actual good things about America that are worth mentioning. The 90s was a great decade of sitcoms: Friends, Seinfield, Full House. The Super Bowl featured different bits with Jerry and Jason Alexander, Bob Saget, John Stamos, and the guy who wore hockey jerseys on Full House,that made me laugh more than entire seasons of sitcoms produced in the time since those went off air. I was disappointed though, that Frasier did not make an appearance – they should have gotten him to present the Seahawks with the Lombardi trophy.

There were more icons people under twenty had no idea were. Instead of asking Jay and Bey to do an encore of their Grammys performance, they called upon the radio-hit machine, Grammy-winning, Bruno Mars. While I’m personally not a huge fan of his music, the kid put on a good show, sounded great live, and had zero nip-slips. Enter in The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who signed a contract in 1995, stating they were not allowed to wear shirts until their tattoos started to wrinkle. I was a little worried when I heard RHCP were making an appearance; their new stuff has been just “meh.” But the moment they – and that mustache – launched into “Throw It Away,” I got on Amazon and bought all their old CDs, again. Luckily, I have Amazon Drone so they arrived before the show was over.

Michael Bay spent a hundredth of his budget for the latest installment in the Transformers series to buy a Super Bowl spot for said movie. If anyone still had their TVs tuned into Fox, they saw a KIA ad with Morpheus from the Matrix that reminded us that Hollywood hasn’t made an original, good film in ten years.

And, while the T(ebow)-Mobile commercial was clever and well-timed, they captured my heart when they used that song from Disney’s animated Robin Hood movie. If I could whistle – and if I wasn’t crying tears for my irretrievable childhood – I would’ve whistled along to the tune that is catchier than even a Bruno Mars song.

photo credit: The Guise Archives via photopin cc

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