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Tech Christmas Wish List: What to buy Don Crow

Posted by Don Crow on Dec 11, 2013 2:30:01 AM

When you’re the founder of a digital marketing agency and in your 40’s, you raise more than a few eyebrows. True, the staff here at Verge Pipe Media offsets that life experience by all clocking in at 31 or younger and they tease me mercilessly about my idea to share everything, “On the line.”

But, I’m about to blow their minds with my tech wish list which should firmly plant me in 2013 in their minds (if not 2014), and remove me from the stereotypical hair metal and excess of the 1980s.


dons tech wish list verge pipe media

1. I’m really excited about this next generation operating system that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) and a multitasking environment. I hear there’s even a games folder that includes, “Solataire.” WHAT?!

dons tech wish list verge pipe media

2. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to take a photo anywhere, anytime? I mean, imagine all the pictures of food you could take, or take a trip down imagination lane with me and think about taking a photo of YOURSELF?! That’s what I’m thinking with this disposable camera that includes a built in flash!

dons tech wish list verge pipe media

3. Now I don’t know about you, but I do more than a fair amount of public speaking. And there’s always that need to reference something on the wall and I don’t want to walk in front of the overhead projector. So along comes this very handy device that shoots a laser to emphasize your point or call out a specific place on the screen! I mean, lasers are dangerous I’m sure but that would just add to the coolness factor, right?

dons tech wish list verge pipe media

4. We go through a lot of data here at Verge Pipe Media. I’m not going to lie, it can get burdensome keeping up with all the articles, posts, pictures and more. Well, there’s a solution and it is called the Compact Disc used as a Read-Only optical memory device, or CD ROM for short. You can pack 270,000 papers of text on this bad boy! Look out, fire sale on bookshelves and boxes coming soon once we migrate to CD ROMs!

dons tech wish list verge pipe media

5. Christmas isn’t just about me and the office here at Verge Pipe Media. Thanks to the fine folks at Commodore, I can get a sweet video gaming console for the kids for under $300 (television not included). We get a cassette tape deck for storage and I hear there’s over 1 million units sold!

That's a wrap (pun intended) on my Tech Wish List for this Christmas season. It's just wonderful to daydream about all this cool technology I can show off in the office come 2014 and firmly plant myself with the cool kids at Verge Pipe Media in the process!

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