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The Cashmore Effect

Posted by admin on Apr 23, 2012 4:11:54 PM

So you want your business to thrive. Sell more widgets? Produce more doodads? Save on company spending? Get in line buddy.

Most of you know the impact that Pete Cashmore has made on the tech, digital and entertainment news worlds: he changed the face of them all. What you probably don’t know is the 26-year-old entrepreneur never went to college and he graduated high school two years later than his peers. Guess he was too busy launching his gajillion dollar website,

Cashmore launched his blog at 19, barely old enough to drink a beer in his native Scotland. So what does this youngin’ (he’s only four years older than me!) know about launching an Internet empire (and maintaining its success) that we don’t? Here are some best practices he’s implemented that could easily be pulled off in your company's marketing, outreach and/or awareness plans:

Know Your Stuff (or at least pretend to)

With the Internet at our disposal, we should all make an effort to brush up on our technical knowledge. In Part, Pete is the go-to guru because he answers questions that people want to know.

His method: nose around for questions people need answers to (Why is the sky blue?-type questions), research it extensively and then write. Become the expert on what needs to be taught when it needs to be taught. Brilliant.

Branding Your(SELF)

Next: branding. I touched a little on this in my last blogpost: The Beauty of Blogging and boy is it a big one. “Mashable” and “Pete Cashmore” are almost interchangeable. You will hardly ever see one without the other. His (handsome) mug is yoked to everything from the website to SoMe platforms to their prestigious Mashables Awards.

And that works out for him, because people like people things. Example: Kim Kardashian has 14 million plus Twitter followers while Target has circa 300k.

Considering we all have a personal identity to brand, that’s good news. However, it’s also a potential problem because our personal identities become our professional ones as well.

Good for Ellen DeGeneres, bad for Tiger Woods.

Persistence is Key

It’s easy to get discouraged if you’re in a company environment, but know that success is sweeter after you’ve busted your a$$.

It took Pete Cashmore seven years of working his bum off to get where he is today. That kind of fortune doesn’t come overnight (unless you’re Tara Ramirez, winner of March’s $70 million PowerBall lottery.) Being his only employer for a while, I’m sure there were times when he didn’t know what the hell his business plan was either. Once, he even wrote a blogpost about his 10 favorite bees. But, he kept it fresh and he kept it coming. No matter what, he always has something in the pipeline ready to roll out.

Use Social Media Like It’s Your Job

Anyone who follows @Mashable on Twitter knows Pete tweets like a madman. Any one post of his tweets reaches millions of people (currently 2, 825, 178 to be exact). The beautiful thing? SoMe allows regular schmucks like us to potentially reach the same crowd FOR FREE.

I think it was Socrates that said “It’s a foolish man who doesn’t take advantage of his Twitter podium.”



In Da House

One hundred percent of Mashable’s writing, tech and business undertakings are kept in-house. It’s a simple concept: keep the work under your roof and you can control payment, productivity and PR. To the pocket-sized amount of people who work at Mashable: bravo to you! You are the elite, the aristocracy, the creme de la creme of the digital world.

Teach us your ways and how you’ve help this tiny startup grow into an internet tycoon. If not, we’ll just find out through your blogs anyway. I would be willing to bet that 95 percent of you have already passed the 19-year-old jumping off point to starting a Fortune 500 Co. Don’t worry.

There’s still hope! And there’s always room for improvement. Use Pete’s best practices and you will boost the happenings at your bookstore, fish market, art gallery, what have you.


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