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Posted by admin on Apr 6, 2012 4:02:03 PM

Here we are, five of us sitting in a one-room office with concrete walls and ceilings that are high enough to make a single cough echo for the next fifteen minutes. The only thing I have heard in the last half hour is the sound of our perpetually broken office toilet.

Normally, on any given day you can walk into Verge Pipe Media and hear anything from Motley Crue to Bonnaroo, but for some unknown reason, today just ain’t my day. The silence is deafening in here. I work better with background music and, lately, I have to thank for my sanity.

Songza is a completely FREE website that offers you a chance to delve into an endless array of pre-made playlists that are sure to enhance the overall quality of your well-being.

At first glance, the site has a pretty simple, but enticing layout. The three tabs near the top of the page read, “Music Concierge,” “Popular” and “Browse All.” While the “Popular” and “Browse All” sections are pretty self explanatory, it’s the “Music Concierge” that is most intriguing.

The “Concierge” is the home page; this is the page that sets Songza apart from all other music sites.

Just in case you didn’t already know, Songza fills you in on the day of the week and time of day. From here, the site asks you about the type of mood you’re in by giving you five tabs complete with stick men depicting activities like studying and dancing.

Songza’s Concierge options change as often as the time of day. At any given point in time you can visit the site and be presented with an entirely new list of possible moods and playlist solutions. Songza has managed to create a listening experience that is so precise that it really only leaves yourself to blame if you don’t like what you’re presented with.

As I write this, it’s Thursday afternoon; my choices consist of “Work or Study (No Lyrics)”, “Work or Study (With Lyrics)”, “Easing The Tension” (which has a nice little visual of the previously mentioned stick man laying on a massage table), “A Weekday Dance Party” and “Discovering New Music”.

“Weekday Dance Party,” it is.

What kind of party am I in the mood for? Well Songza, I’m so glad you asked.

Although I’ve been given the nearly impossible task of choosing between various party hits of the ‘70s and ‘80s, ‘00s, Today and an Eclectic Mix, this afternoon I think I’ll stick with “‘90s Party Hits”.

I am ecstatic to be taken back to yesteryear with the musical stylings of such ‘90s staples as Hanson, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys bumping through the tiny speakers in my headphones. Judge me all you want, but Songza has hit a homerun with this playlist.

Ok, I know that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the mood enhancing powers of Ace of Base as I am, but a 90’s boy-band dream land is such a small portion of what Songza has to offer. With an array of playlists that will satisfy everyone from the hippest of the hipsters to the most backwoods country bumpkin, Songza has a little something for everyone.

Like the Pandora’s and Spotify’s of the world, Songza will prevent you from skipping through too many songs on your playlist and will periodically stop you every few minutes, sometimes on a not so desirable song choice - it is a small price to pay for everything that Songza has to offer.

With all the prewritten playlist sites out there (i.e. Pandora and Spotify) why should you choose Songza? Well, for me it really comes down to the personal experience that Songza creates when you log in. Yes, with Pandora you can enter in your favorite type of music or specific band and create a playlist from that, but anyone can take five seconds to run a search. Songza takes the time to ask you how you’re feeling, what your preferences are and where you would like your listening experience to go. Songza cares about you, and you alone. Songza is your friend.

So, with the term “social media” being such a prevalent portion of what we do here at Verge Pipe Media (it’s not like it’s in our company description or anything), why do we care about a music site?

Songza is just about as interactive as they come. It allows you to log in through Facebook to show your friends exactly what you’ve been listening to. The type of music you listen to can really define who you are or who you would like to be perceived as, so why wouldn’t you want to share with your entire friend base?

Social media is all about creating yourself as a brand, and what better way to show people who you are than through your taste in music? I’m not sure what a love for 90s pop says about me, but the great thing about Songza is you don’t have to stream everything you listen to through a social media outlet if you don’t want to. This is yet another option where the big shots at Spotify and Pandora fall short.

Every playlist that I have had the pleasure of listening to has been spot on. I love being able to show my friends the amazing music I’ve been listening to while still being able to hide certain guilty pleasures from the public eye. My days are a little brighter and my thoughts are a whole lot clearer. My mind is made up. From here on out, I’m sticking with Songza.


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