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The Top 5 Tweets from #Snowpacolypse

Posted by Allison Gair on Jan 31, 2014 4:49:49 AM

When winter storm Leon reared its ugly head on Tuesday, no one in the South could have predicted what the following 24 hours could have been like. Now, three days later, after the snow has come and gone, it’s time to reflect. Reflect on the top five comedic tweets from the snowpacolypse.

1. “So the one good thing about this snowpacolypse is my alcohol tolerance is growing exponentially.” - @TheJakeBearden

2. “Well the good thing about the #snowpacolypse being over in Auburn is that I can finally drive to Popeyes for dinner. Am I right?” - @charlieabram

3. “Add snow to the list of things I hate. Right behind: cats, hippies, telemarketers, Nutella, and the Snowpacolypse of 2014. #fb” - @danielbeckworth

4. “Stories of good Samaritans everywhere during #Snowpacolypse. @danayoung just provided chocolate to us. Now that’s a good Samaritan!” - @stacyreno

5. “haha this is crazy! walking dead vs snowpacolypse!” - @TaRRa_dumbbitch

top 5 tweets from snowpacolypse vpm


The 72 hours of the snowpacolypse and its aftermath were frightening to many in the Southeast. We should not play the blame game for there are many lessons we can learn from this past week. Verge Pipe Media wishes all the cities and individuals a speedy recovery from the inconvenience and damage caused by the recent snowstorms.

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