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Posted by Gray on Apr 10, 2013 8:04:15 AM

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“Hey, you’re that guy from the Mad Men poster, aren’t you?”

I got asked this question a couple times throughout the days leading up to our Mad Men Premiere Party at Avondale Bar & Tap Room, here in Auburn, AL; and the answer is “Yes, I am that guy from the Mad Men poster.” It doesn’t sound like much to get excited about, but I could barely fit my head through the office door this morning. It’s also been tough getting into the office on account of the swarm of (mostly female) fans that have mobbed me every morning. Like Yahoo!, we have a strict “No working from home” policy here, so there was no way to avoid it; I just had to endure the torn shirts and nail scratches.

Editor’s note: The truth is, Gray’s “friends” threatened to draw mustaches and glasses on the posters.

The event has come and gone and the posters around town will eventually start disappearing (because I stole them all); soon, I’ll have snap out of the 1960s spell and get back to blogging about the present day. But for now, I’m still reflecting and processing.

Besides launching my modeling career, this project gave this English lit major some much-needed concrete marketing experience. I call it a project rather than an event, because now I know that when you’re involved behind the scenes, there’s more to it than putting on the tux, showing up and signing copies of “the poster.” When Don handed me the keys to the marketing campaign for this premiere party, I wondered if he had already started hitting the cocktails in preparation for Mad Men.

But thankfully, I had a great team riding in the sidecar. It was the team effort that kept everything from going (whiskey) sour. I learned that a little old-fashioned marketing tactics - like posters - can go really well with online promotion. You don’t have to scream like bloody mary to get people attend your event. And you don’t have to be in manhattan to party like cosmopolitans.

Thirsty yet?

Me too, but I work for Don Crow - not Draper. So I’ll just settle for (Irish) coffee.

Now, I think I’ll put my modeling career on hold to work on my writing. Because if Verge Pipe Media is the Sterling Draper Cooper Price of the Mad Mod Men Marketing era, then I want to be the Allen Ginsberg of Verge Pipe Media (minus his new season 6 handlebar mustache).

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