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Too Tender for Tinder

Posted by Addi Rogers on Jun 5, 2014 4:12:39 AM

Today I had every intention of writing another blog about visual marketing for small business, I really did. But there’s been this other topic that keeps coming up this week, and I think it’s a sign that I need to write about it.

I guess you could kind of say it’s visual marketing...visually marketing yourself.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Tinder. The one swipe place to find your one true love.

It all started on Monday night. I was sitting on the porch with some friends when one starts talking about getting a match on Tinder. My first thought was, “People still use Tinder?” and my second thought was, “Wait, doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” I mentally retraced my steps to make sure I hadn’t mentioned her (don’t worry, I was in the clear) and then continued listening. Another friend chimed in, “I only have seven matches so far. I hold myself to a high standard.” I laughed to myself – I never thought to put the words “high standard” and “Tinder” together.

They went on to discuss how far they should set their parameters and jokingly talked about chatting with matches. I don’t think they were totally serious about their Tinder use – it seemed more like a competition of who could get the most matches to me – but then again, I don’t think they’d pass up a cute girl if they saw one.

Then at the Braves game on Tuesday night, we see a girl somewhere between the ages of 16 and 20 swiping through Tinder profiles during the game. Once again, I’m feeling confused. I thought Tinder was a fad.

I guess I was wrong. And although people, including myself, get a kick out of the idea of actually meeting people on Tinder, it’s hard to deny the fact that that’s what the world of dating is moving toward. It’s immediate, it’s easy, and it greatly (if not completely) diminishes the fear of rejection.

There are several other dating apps out there as well, one in particular that seemed pretty interesting – Coffee Meets Bagel. Coffee Meets Bagel connects with you via Facebook and then sends you one “bagel” a day via email that you can either like or pass. If you’ve both “liked” each other, CMB sets up a private line for you to chat with your match while still protecting your identity. Most reviews say the app produces great matches and they’ve gone on several quality dates because of it.

This app seems like a more plausible, safe, and realistic way to meet people through technology, but it’s one of the few.

Online dating platforms have existed for years now, but these high-speed, quick gratification apps are taking over. How many people take them seriously, though? What does that mean for people who are truly looking for a partner on these platforms?

Settling for finding your significant other on a dating app greatly limits your options, not to mention the fact that it subjects you to some pretty crude sides of humanity. Is that going to become the norm? If so, I’m really glad I’ve already found my match.

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