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Tweeting my way out of my inbox

Posted by Don Crow on Feb 14, 2012 3:45:11 AM

With apologies to Tom and Meg, I no longer want to hear, “You’ve Got Mail.” And no, not just AOL email, any email. You see, I’ve decided the less email the better. The email I do receive better be in as few characters as possible. Likewise, you can stop sending me email full of graphics, buttons, logos, calls to action and seriously, animation?

If you want me, I’ll be on Twitter, @DonCrow.


For businesses, it is time (past time?) to rein in the copy writers. Your mass emails have gotten so long, so full of multiple offers and so graphics laden I just tune out. You probably don’t notice because so long as your email analytics tells you your open rate stays at an acceptable level, you continue to type. And type. And type. And send.

But you won’t stop. Because there is a large freighter off the coast of the Carolinas full of email marketing experts who claim email still works. Especially B2B email. And guess what? It does work by a loose definition - but does it deliver results? Ask them to tell you the contents of the second paragraph of the last mass email they sent. And if they do know it, ask them what specific, measurable and profitable action it drove?

All email trampling aside, consider that with Twitter your readers don’t have to worry about these points:

  • Works on a mobile phone (no messy formatting)
  • All of your messages (tweets) are stored on your profile
  • No spam filters to trip you up
  • And my favorite - short, sweet and to the point!

For individuals, it is time to embrace something new. For all of our talk about frenetic pace of modern life and lack of attention, why then do you subject the rest of us to your 4.7 page length ramblings? Let it go. Text me, send me a Linkedin message or better yet – just Tweet it!

Now I suspect you’re thinking, “how would I survive without email?”

Take 48 hours off and see. And if you must, send an email – with a twist. Type your message in your twitter, “Compose new Tweet…” box and keep it under 140 characters. Like this:

I'm ditching email for 48 hours. If you need me, tweet, text or call. Signed, @DonCrow

And guess what? You’ve got 54 characters to spare! (give or take your twitter handle length)

Now at least a smooth half dozen of you are saying, “But what about attachments?” Good question. Twitterific answer: learn how to use Dropbox or Google Docs.

Another 17.3% believe your ideas are too complex. Okay smarty-pants, sketch your idea, take a photo with your camera phone, and attach it to your tweet.

Another 41.8% of you are saying, “But people love getting emails from me. It is my best form of communication.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Yeah. So email is your most effective way to communicate passionate ideas, thoughts that inspire others, words which propel peers out from behind their desks and into a more glorious life?!

Still say yes? Okay, go find your nearest Toastmasters International.

Are you in the East Alabama and West Georgia area? Tune in to WTVM tonight to see Verge Pipe Media founder, Don Crow talk about Twitter!

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