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How Universities Should Improve their Instagrams

Posted by Allison Gair on Feb 25, 2014 3:55:31 AM

Instagram isn’t just a place for girls to post pictures of their meals or coffees. It is also a great marketing strategy. Universities can use Instagram to reach future students as well as current students, fans, and alumni. While Twitter and Facebook are great tools, people admit to scrolling past a lot of posts if nothing jumps out at them. I know I myself am very guilty of this.

how universities should improve their instagram vpm

The University of Florida has one of the best Instagram accounts of all the colleges that use the social media site. The school asked their followers what types of pictures they wish to see on the account. Their answer? They wanted to see more “behind-the-scenes” action from different areas around campus. The school listened. They started posting pictures inside lecture halls and behind the podium at graduation. Alumni also responded to the question. They wanted to see more flashback pictures. Other schools have also jumped on this bandwagon. Auburn University takes part in #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) and posts old pictures of students and sporting events. Universities should take these following tips into consideration if they wish to improve their Instagram accounts.

how universities should improve their instagram vpm

1. Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashag is an easy way for Universities to see who is posting pictures and talking about the school. Create a specific hashtag dedicated to a certain event such as graduation or a sporting event. You will be guaranteed to reach a lot of your followers.

2. Show off alumni/look back in history

As I mentioned before, some schools take part in #tbt (Throw Back Thursday). Alumni want to feel included as much as current students do. Also, #tbt is a great way to show everyone the history of the University

3. Challenge your followers

Post a picture with the caption, “Guess where?” It doesn’t even have to be a contest with a prize, but followers will enjoy seeing if they can know every nook and cranny of the college campus.

4. Share a quote

Everyone loves a good quote. There is something about inspirational words in the morning that make you feel like you can tackle your day!

5. Capture a special event

Creating a hashtag and capturing an event can go hand in hand. You can create a hashtag for a special event and see everyone's view. Graduations, guest speakers, and sporting events are just some of the countless examples. People want to see more than just the buildings around campus.

By following these simple tips, Universities can easily expand their Instagrams by gaining new followers and getting their name out there. They will be able to market to current and future students, fans, and alumni all by merely connecting to their followers.

how universities should improve their instagram vpm


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