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Verge Pipe Media Unveils New Website

Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2012 2:00:13 AM

October 15, 2012Verge Pipe Media (VPM) is proud to announce the launch of a fresh website. The new website takes advantage of mobile technology, catering to on-the-go executives, community managers, strategic planners and anyone looking for information on inbound marketing and mobile application development.

To celebrate the launch, Verge Pipe Media is running daily giveaways, including an Apple TV grand prize. "We wanted our launch party to be open, online and social," explains Meredith Singer, Verge Pipe Media's head of operations, "the scavenger hunt is a great way to get people to check out our content and to have a little fun too."

Verge Pipe Media’s re-launched website reflects three of the digital marketing agency’s focal points for 2013:

  • Mobile - from strategy to development, Verge Pipe Media is focused on delighting mobile consumers.
  • Education - as technology continues to evolve, VPM is committed to helping executives and managers understand the landscape.
  • Access - VPM team members try to avoid industry jargon and buzz-words; anyone should be able to approach Verge Pipe Media.

Verge Pipe Media’s new website features a responsive design, providing seamless navigation on desktops, tablets and smart-phones. Sidebars are populated with helpful downloads, e-books and primers.

In addition to the standard agency information, Verge Pipe Media’s team maintains a daily blog chock full of information serving public institutions, enterprises and non-profits. Surveys, case studies and essays on a variety of fun and informative topics are available on a daily basis.

So: is this finally The Year of Mobile?

Verge Pipe Media's response? We’ve heard it for the past three to five years and the concept certainly isn’t going anywhere. Mobile websites, applications, tablets, smart-phones and mobile-enabled devices (like home appliances, fitness accessories or cars) are everywhere. A tipping point is hard to pinpoint because the march towards mobile has been steady, sharp and dominating, leaving many large organizations in the dust. Half of US adult population owns a smart-phone or tablet; and by 2013, more than 60 million Americans are expected to own tablets. Mobile browsing will outpace desktop / laptop computers and even more Americans will be sleeping alongside their phones.


Verge Pipe Media is a Social + Local + Mobile inbound marketing and mobile app development agency. We connect organizations with individuals and groups by way of social media, mobile devices and word-of-mouth marketing. We are headquartered in Auburn, Alabama. For more information, please visit:

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