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Vine or Twitter | Why not both?

Posted by Don Crow on Jul 17, 2013 4:27:23 AM

I was given the honor of speaking to a group of professional event and festival planners late last week about social conversations and platforms. At the end I was asked, “Vine or Twitter?” I responded, “both.”

Well, not exactly that short an answer, but essentially that was my opinion.

Why? Because I’ve seen individuals and brands use them both very well and it doesn’t have to be at the exclusion of the other.

Now, at the individual level I don’t use either very well. My best Vine is one done for me by a Verge Pipe Media intern. I haven’t even tried an Instagram video yet.

Brands (and their agencies) understand we’re still in the early stages of this phase of anointing the average smartphone user a videographer. However, neither platform is going to fast-track the average person to Hollywood in the same way that Instagram turned us all into talented photographers.

It’s very difficult to shoot a short movie and it be either, (1) entertaining to sober people, or (2) pack much of a punch. It doesn’t help that on any given whirl through Vine, the folks I follow appear to want to now show 7 seconds of their cats or the progress of their #FoodPorn. I won’t even mention the ones who think drunk Vines are anything other than drunk. And Vines.

But, if you’re like most of the folks on Instagram and Vine, you’d prefer to see other people’s creativity versus expressing your own [NOTE: this is a purely unscientific statement based upon observations of my own Instagram and Vine followers]. In this gap of follow versus post is the intersection of where brands can interject their work with the most impact, i.e., create a campaign that gets the user off the couch and into the content creation game.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these examples:

Honda - Vine campaign

Steve Jobs movie - Trailer release

I particularly like the Honda approach. It’s customized to the Tweets of potential customers or even casual onlookers who are hashtag jacking. It’s clever and it will be fun to watch play out over the summer.

Likewise the movie trailer release. I think a design and technology buff like Mr Jobs would approve (mostly).

This all looks too easy, right? Heck, how hard can it be to shoot 7 or 15 seconds of video? Well, it can be extremely difficult if you're trying to avoid having an unwatched and poorly participated in video-short campaign.

Here’s my quick advice if you’re jumping in with your business (or on behalf of a business). Look up “storyboard” and learn how to make your own. That’s the most crucial first step to video success. Grabbing your phone and shooting 7 or 15 seconds of video looks easy, but for the sake of your business, brand, non-profit, organization or gathering – have a plan!

And to close, here's an Instagram video of our own....about storyboards!

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Author: is Founder & CEO at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media is a strategic digital marketing and Public Relations firm assisting clients in Higher Ed, consumer goods, startup tech companies and more.


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