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Visual Marketing: How to Stand Out | #PoolRead

Posted by Addi Rogers on Jun 3, 2014 4:48:01 AM

It’s safe to say that all small (and many large) businesses struggle with brand awareness. How do we get people to see us, know us and hire us without turning around and spending everything on contests as a desperate ploy to get people involved?

I read a great quote today; it said, “Images are the ‘snacks’ of the Internet.” It couldn’t be truer. Look at the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram – platforms based solely off of images. If that isn’t proof enough…ever heard of Grumpy Cat? If you haven’t, you’ve been watching too much Netflix. What I’m saying is, if you’re a small business that wants to raise brand awareness (which, who doesn’t?), visual marketing is the way to go.

To start – having a unique and memorable logo is crucial. You want something that will stand out to people. Here is an awesome infographic created by Logo Company to explain how different colored logos affect emotions.

visual marketing

Base the colors of your logo on how you want your customers to think of your company. If you're a marketing firm, you probably want your customers to think you're trustworthy and friendly - so you might choose orange and blue (hint: VPM's logo).

Another great way to visually market is with a team photo. Putting faces to names is a way to make customers and prospective clients know that you're a personal company who cares about developing a relationship with them.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.26.18 PM

It makes it even better if you're wearing matching tank tops. Nothing says we're serious about Media Marketing like flexing in tank tops. Nothing. But seriously, we wanted to do something that people would see, laugh at and most importantly remember when they're considering hiring a marketing firm.

Lastly, find one visual thing that people will recognize you for. One thing I really like at Verge Pipe Media is the "inspirational chalkboard" that we keep outside of our office. Each week we update it with motivational, inspiring or funny quotes in colorful chalk. We post instagram pictures of the weekly dose of what I like to call "chalkspiration," and it's always great to see people walk by and laugh or take pictures of what we've written on the board.

It's important to know that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than we process text. If you do it correctly, visual marketing like using quality images, creative logos or a token item will create a persona for your brand that will bring in customers and make your brand one that stands out among your competitors.

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