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VPM 2014 Selfie Olympics

Posted by Addi Rogers on Feb 7, 2014 3:00:46 AM

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics and because tonight is the official opening ceremony in Sochi, I only thought it appropriate that the Verge Pipe Media office have some sort of Olympic game of their own. Part of what makes our office so great is that we all bring different talents to the table; however, that made things difficult when I was trying to think of a competition we all had a fair chance of winning. Finally, it hit me. If there’s one thing in the office that we’re all good at, it’s taking selfies. What can we say, we love ourselves.

I will judge based on three specific categories.

1) Form: Is the selfie a true, traditional selfie? Did the competitor actually take the time to stop what they were doing and snap a photo of themselves? (1-10 scale)
2) Originality: What sets the competitor apart? What about their selfie says, “Hey, look at me. I’m different.” (1-10 scale)
3) Quality: How much thought did the competitor put into said selfie? Is it creative? Have they spent enough time practicing? Is the image clear and understandable? (1-10 scale)

Without further adieu, I present to you Verge Pipe Media’s Selfie Olympics 2014.

We’ll kick the competition off with our Content Production Specialist and Jersey gal: Carly Ilvento.

verge pipe media selfie olympics


Form: 7 – Carly is true to form, but her face is partially covered, leading me to wonder…. what is behind that cat ear?

Originality: 8 – Human/cat selfies are common, but Carly’s face is what gets me. It’s serious, but the slight duck lip really sets her apart.

Quality: 10 – Carly gets a perfect score in this category because, let’s be honest, getting a cat to sit still and look at a camera long enough to get a selfie is almost unheard of.

Total: 25/30

Next up is our Community Manager and celebrity guru: Allison Gair.

verge pipe media selfie olympics

Form: 10 – Allison has no shame. Not only did she take a selfie, but she posted it for the world to see. She even hashtagged #selfiesunday. Brilliant.

Originality: 7 – Allison’s selfie is beautiful, but she played it pretty safe.

Quality: 9 – Considering there’s wine involved, this is a quality selfie. Props, Allison.

Total: 26/30

Following Allison is our lead copywriter and Instagram extraordinaire: Gray Gill.

verge pipe media selfie olympics


Form: 5 – Gray gets only half of the potential score because I can only see half of his face. Rough start for Gray, but hopefully he’ll recover in the next two categories.

Originality: 10 – Gray takes the cake in this category. I didn’t even know mid-biking selfies existed. Great work.

Quality: 10 – If there was another cake, Gray would take that one too. He is balancing on a two-wheeled moving structure, smiling, and taking a picture of himself all at the same time. Eyes on the road, Gray!

Total: 25/30

Next up, Twitter master and creator of Mimosa Monday: Amanda Moyer.

verge pipe media selfie olympics

Form: 10 – There is no beating around the bush here – this is a classic selfie.

Originality: 10 – Amanda took and risk, and she rocked it. I just look at it and wonder – how did she even make that face?

Quality: 9 – The picture is a bit blurry, and the lighting isn’t ideal. Nonetheless, Amanda is in the lead.

Total Score: 29/30

Here we have our fearless leader and wine connoisseur, Don Crow in his self-titled picture, “Who’s bombing whose selfie?”

verge pipe media selfie olympics

Form: 8 – Don stayed true to form, but the Grinch nearly stole the spotlight. He deserves some serious props for keeping it together.

Originality: 10 – Whether he meant to or not, Don perfected this category. The fear in his eyes is raw and unique. Truly a gem of a photo.

Quality: 10 – Bright colors. Crystal clear. I can’t complain.

Total Score 28/30

Last but certainly not least is good ol’ Addi Rogers (me). I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not fair! How can she be in the Selfie Olympics if she’s the judge?” All I have to say to you is, get over it. PS – I had some technical difficulties loading this, so bear with me.

verge pipe media selfie olympics

Shoot. I knew this was going to happen. I chose the wrong picture, and I can’t figure out how to delete it. I’m so embarrassed.

Total: Disqualified


So there you have it, folks. That concludes the selfie competition of 2014. Allison Gair takes bronze, Don Crow takes silver, Amanda Moyer takes gold, and I take shameless cat selfies.

Happy Olympics.



Feature photo: Mashable

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