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We all need a Sideqik

Posted by Don Crow on Oct 9, 2013 3:30:51 AM

My team recently got a chance to participate in a really cool promotion thanks to our friends at Atlanta based startup, Sideqik.

For the whopping price of, “free” and about 1 hour of my time, Verge Pipe Media was able to offer music lovers everywhere a chance to win airfare, hotel and concert tickets to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

All of this because Kurt and Jeremy (and others) have created a platform devoted to, Together Marketing.

Those of us in the business of enhancing a client’s image know how difficult it can be to manage partner or affiliate marketing programs. Let’s face it, more often than not one of the partners is going to draw the short straw or be left holding more of the cost than the others.

Now, toss in a social contest or promotion and in addition to the added complexity of the relationship comes the behind the scenes setup, ongoing management and promotion and on and on and on. Forget having an effective cross-promotion strategy without a deep network of relevant partners - and yes, Sideqik can even help out there too.

Tapped out. Uncle. Mercy. Help me!

It’s enough to steer some agencies away and unless you’re a brand with enough clout, it can be equally difficult from the company side to get your partners in line and playing nicely.

And that’s the sweet spot that Sideqik fights for!

We got our invite to participate in the promotion and within 1 hour I had reviewed and made some slight adjustments to what would be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And that is literally all I had to do. I could have walked away at that point and watched a new set of fans come to Verge Pipe Media by way of this massive nationwide promotion.

But, we did a little more – namely blog posts and a few extra tweets where appropriate.


  • We added 36 new fans on Facebook during the promo period and only lost 2% after the promotion ended
  • On Twitter, we picked up 14 total new followers and our engagement grew 3% based on the RTs and mentions the promo tweets generated
  • Tougher to measure but equally important to me was the positive word of mouth we generated in our local community. It’s not every day a business in Auburn, Alabama gives folks a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Austin for one of the best musical festivals in the world


Yes, Kurt and Jeremy are nice guys and I appreciate them including us in the promotion. [Are blogs the new 'thank you note'?] More importantly, if you’re a marketer: brand or agency, you should check out Sideqik and all they have to offer to help make your next “Together Marketing” campaign a super hero (with side kick) sized affair!

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photo credit: kaibara87 via photopin cc

Author: is Founder & CEO at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media is a strategic digital marketing and Public Relations firm assisting clients in Higher Ed, consumer goods, startup tech companies and more.

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