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When Ad Agencies Got to Flex Their Muscles

Posted by PScheys on Apr 11, 2014 9:18:01 AM

The Mad Men era of the 60's was a great time for marketing and advertising. Agencies were putting more emphasis on being creative with selling their client's products, as opposed to being realistic and doing real market research. Most ad campaigns went over-the-top with empty promises that sold people dreams they didn't know they had.

It was also a game-changing time in automotive history. Cars transformed from basic transportation to powerful, well-branded models that became know as 'Muscle Cars'. Agencies such as Sterling Cooper Draper Price fought over these automotive accounts in hopes of running the creative for big companies such as Chevy (back when Chevy had mostly good press). It would also mean putting their name on the map and really letting the creative juices flow in their marketing campaigns.

The mid 60's was the beginning of the Ford Mustang, and soon the Camaro came around to attempt taking some of the market share back from Ford. This Chevy/Ford battle can still be seen today as they are constantly trying to out-do one another. During the 60's it was all about power and looks. Both models had various appearance packages and performance levels that all depended on how much you could afford, or how much the commercials had convinced you that you needed.

That way of thinking has changed a lot in today's world of advertising. Yes, these models are still offered with different performance levels, and they still each claim to be the more powerful model, but the main concern today is on facts. Modern advertisements focus on how quiet and comfortable the ride is, and any and all features that are included in each model. A lot of emphasis is now placed on fuel economy ratings and the safety features. Many claim these muscle cars don't have the passion they had 50 years ago, and unfortunately the marketing agencies are forced to use less creativity and more factual knowledge for these accounts.

Verge Pipe Media is having a Season 7 Mad Men watch party this Sunday at Picollo's. We had a photo shoot and were lucky enough to locate a 1967 Jaguar E-type that fit the part perfectly. It also happened to be the exact model and color as the car seen in Season 5 when the crew was on-boarding Jaguar as their client. We are really excited about the season premiere, and hope everyone can join us for the show and a cocktail!

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