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Why Your University Needs an Outstanding Website

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2014 4:07:50 AM

I’m a rising junior at Auburn University, and I love it here because when I was in high school I had a good idea of what the ideal college would be for me. Auburn definitely fell into that idea of mine, but so did a few other colleges.My opinions, at the time came from good old-fashioned word of mouth because I wasn’t very tech savvy. The people who were telling me about Auburn weren’t very tech savvy either; as a matter of fact they were older alumni who had nothing but great memories to share. Then, I finally got the chance to visit Auburn’s campus. When I did I almost immediately made my decision because it was everything that I expected and more.

What I admired the most was the tradition and the family bond that was in the atmosphere on campus, but these days, schools need to build a good atmosphere online too. The online atmosphere should compliment the on-campus atmosphere if the goal is to attract the same type of students that are blown away by their visit to the campus.

Here at Auburn University, I’ve heard a majority of the students say that they chose this school because they fell in love with the campus. My roommate, for example, decided to come to Auburn from Cincinnati, Ohio after he visited the campus. Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to make that 10-hour trip just to visit a college campus for a day or two. However, most people are willing to go online to compare what’s close to them to what isn’t that close to them if what isn’t close to them is of better quality.

I’m hoping to go to a nice grad school with a nice atmosphere, and right now, I’m thinking of moving further out west. Before I fully stand by that, I’ll need to do my research online because grad school cost a lot of money and so does gasoline for my car.

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