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Posted by Don Crow on Sep 15, 2011 4:00:39 AM

I was given a tremendous opportunity this week. It was a speaking engagement for the Christian Camp and Conference Association. Even though the feedback during and after my one hour was up was overwhelmingly positive, I promise you I took more away than I left in the room.

Why? Two simple things.

1. After two meetings with potential new members of the Verge Pipe Media team, I was feeling sorry for myself. Neither candidate passed the all important question, "What do you want to do that rewards you and helps others?" It is frustrating to meet so many talented folks who quite simply are looking for a large paycheck, unlimited benefits and a place to park until they figure out what they really want to do. That's not the VPM culture, and as long as I'm involved, it never will be. My momentary lapse into self pity stems from our upcoming 1 year anniversary, AND the fact that we're behind on our growth plan for lack of the right team members.

2. The Executive Leadership Team attendees for the CCCA conference in Auburn, Alabama is a group that embodies doing great work that rewards the individual and helps others. All of these extraordinary men and women own or operate or are intimately involved with organizations who provide space for Christian Campers. It is an organization I knew absolutely nothing about until about 10 days ago. I can't say that I remember a time where I enjoyed learning more about an organization and its membership roster as I did with CCCA. These are passionate folks, who by my estimation, have found a way to support themselves and their family while doing the thing they are passionate about, AND feel a higher calling towards. It really was my pleasure to get to meet their organization President and many of their members (attendees). And kudos to most of them who have some impressive websites and social media integration.

Some of us respond to that emotional tug, the voice in our head, the yearning in our heart and soul. We give credit to different factors, forces or beings for those things. But, the important thing is to go do that which your voice is calling. Go do Work That Matters, and chances are good the passion, the joy, and the personal growth you will undergo will reward you in ways that no bank statement ever could. If you don't hear that voice, feel that tug or yearning, that's okay. Many folks do not.

If you do, and you know it, invest the time in yourself to learn what it is that you can do and give to their world, your community and to others that rewards you and helps them. Answer that interview question with confidence, "What do you want to do that rewards you and helps others?"

Lastly, here's a hint: the answer isn't a title, or a dollar sign. It is doing Work That Matters.

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