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Would You Wear The EqWell Bracelet?

Posted by admin on May 31, 2013 4:30:32 AM

After the announcement of Google Glass, attention has been given to the upcoming craze of wearable devices. It’s not hard to see the relevance of these upcoming products and how they are going to play into our market. Although wearable devices are a relatively new technology, they are definitely not a new concept. Like most of our twenty-first century toys, sci-fi movies have been making us dream of these futuristic devices for decades.

I googled “sci-fi movies that predicted the future” and I realized just how much these movies, dubbed “fiction,” have proved to be civilization’s premonition. Minority Report, released in 2005, featured Tom Cruise walking through a shopping mall with ads being tailored to him, knowing his name and his preferences. Hmmm, sound familiar?

All of this “fantasy turned reality” got me thinking about what type of technology I would dream up, specifically a wearable device. In less than a minute I conjured up what “practical use” device I would hope for and desire. A wearable health band, like the NIke Fuelband on, but... well, the Nike Fuelband on steroids. A band that is similar to the texture, weight and design of the infamous Live Strong bands, but that possesses incredible technology that could move the population forward in the health movement.

This band, that I will affectionately name the EqWell bracelet, would not only count the calories a person was intaking, but also categorize and calculate all nutrients consumed during the day. Wow, that last sentence was wordy, but you get what I’m saying.

People today frequently use calorie counter apps to stay under their daily caloric limit, and although that’s good and dandy, it’s not always the picture of perfect health. People stay under their calorie intake, but what about sodium or sugar levels? Are they consuming enough protein, iron and vitamin C? These apps also count nutrient items such as this, but most people don’t pay attention to those details or report them inaccurately.. I would be willing to guesstimate that more than 70 percent of the population have no idea about the nutrient levels they are intaking each day. (or maybe even missing completely.)

People who don’t know a lot about how food is actually (scientifically) consumed and used by the body, like to pull what I like to call the “fat fallacy.” People think that eating too many fats is the main way to gain weight and staying under a certain caloric limit will prevent this. Good fats, such as the fats found in Avocados, are good for you in moderation. Fats are only the celebrity of poor health and weight gain.

The EqWell bracelet would have to be somehow tailored to each individual's health needs. This would probably have to initially be set up through some sort of blood sample. Once it was synchronized, the person could wear their bracelet each day and consume as usual. As the day goes on the bracelet would give each person alerts on what percent of nutrients they have consumed that day and which nutrients they need to consume less or more of. For example, once a person reached their sodium limit for the day, EqWell could alert them to that, so they could avoid added salt for the rest of the day.

EqWell could send as many or as few alerts as the person desired. Also this type of device could be used for individuals who already have health needs, such as Hypoglycemia or Diabetes. The band could start giving alerts when blood sugar was nearing low or high levels and, in turn, that person would know they would need to administer insulin or eat a little snack.

In my daily life I could really use a tool like this. My body works well on a plant-based diet with a high protein and low carb count. I make my best effort to eat healthy, but with my busy work schedule it’s not always easy to keep up and record everything I am consuming.

Having devices such as this may seem like a far fetched fantasy, but just a little more than a decade ago we felt the same way about the public World Wide Web, video-calling and functioning touch screens. I’m interested to see what kinds of crazy, advanced technology that wearable devices are going to bring to the table.

Everyone buckle your seat belts and hold on to your Ipads... this could be big. Could the EqWell bracelet become one of the upcoming wearable devices? If it does, I expect the inventor to give me a bit of credit and some market share.



Author: Audra Graham is our Community Management Imagineer here at Verge Pipe Media. Verge Pipe Media assists public institutions, enterprises and the non-profit sector with Imaginative Inbound Marketing strategies + campaigns. We also have a development team chock full of Marvelous Mobile Migrators, poised to help transition our clients into a mobile + social world with custom software, iOS and Android mobile apps.

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