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Blogging vs Vlogging | Is It Time to Switch?

Posted by Don Crow on Jan 24, 2019 12:26:43 PM

Lights, Camera, Action!:

Long time followers of the Verge Pipe Media blog will notice a sharp difference in 2019: we've vlogging!

We came to the conclusion it was time to change after (painfully) watching our carefully constructed written blog readership decline while watching our social media video views increase.

You will have your own set of criteria to evaluate, so with that, here's our take on, Blogging vs Vlogging | Is It Time to Switch?

If videos aren't your, "thing," here are some examples of how we use visual content at Verge Pipe Media:

blogging vs vlogging

Take 5! Actually only 3 minutes to watch:

Blogging vs Vlogging


Obviously, we'll be watching the numbers carefully to see how our audiences and readers react to a vlog approach instead of a traditional blog post. If you have feedback - please let us know!

That's a wrap!:

Take a look at your blog post and website analytics - have you been reaching your goals for engagement, time on site and conversions? If not, take a look at how your videos are performing on your YouTube channel and other social media. For us, it was as simple as seeing the decline in readership but the increase in viewership to make the change to Vlogging.

If you're still not convinced, tap the button below and download our FREE case study on how we applied video marketing for a client in Higher Education!

video content marketing for higher education

 Photo by Fox from Pexels

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