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Brands Crushing Social Media Storytelling

Posted by Melissa Cook on Feb 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, visual marketing has taken the social media world by storm. Information is shown in infographic form, short, witty videos are the norm, and social platforms are becoming exceedingly more visual.

Because of this tendency towards visuals, brands haven’t been shy about using personalized visual content to promote their unique stories. These brands are crushing it on various social media platforms and deserve a shout out for their creativity:

target pinterest.jpg


This multi-billion dollar business is already known for their bright and colorful graphics inside the store, and it’s no different on their Pinterest page.

Unlike most brands on the social platform, they don’t just post pictures of their products, but include engaging and informative graphics for each separate Pinterest board. Each board is centered around a holiday, event, or type of product making it easy to navigate and follow boards that reflect your interests. 

Kate Spade

kate spade- FB.jpgKate Spade is an iconic brand known for their vibrant colors, patterns, and sophisticated taste. This high fashion brand uses their social media profiles to showcase their bold and forward style with the use of bright and fashion-forward graphics. They often showcase new releases alongside simplistic drawings in a juxtaposition style.

Their Facebook page is full of vibrant colors with creative and fun quotes that are witty, flirty, and shareable. Even their catch phrase is "live colorfully."

Still not sure visuals are important to telling your story? Check out these statistics on how we interpret visuals.

Starbucksstarbucks insta.png

Coffee companies tend to take a more simplistic and minimalistic view on their social media accounts, and Starbucks is no different.

Though they do tend to post mostly about their products, it is in a more subtle and user-friendly way. Their Instagram has a trendy, millennial friendly feel to it and their follower count represents that. They tend to focus their images on clean, minimalistic visuals.


We saved the best for last. Volkswagen’s main focus on their Facebook page is to not only tell their story, but the stories of their customers. They use visuals to showcase the history of the company, what makes the cars unique, and showcase the stories of people and their VW’s.

Each post includes an image of a VW, with a caption telling the story of a family trip with the bus, or an older car with a caption reminiscing on how that car brings them back to a time in their lives. These posts not only promote the brand, they help create a brand persona that is centered around being there for the big moments in your lfie. To those mentioned, VW isn't just a car brand, it is a part of their adventures, memories made, and highs and lows. 

VW FB.jpg

Some honorable mentions are the Coca-Cola Facebook page, the Nike Instagram, and the Sharpie Pinterest page. Each of these brands are crushing social media storytelling in their own unique ways.

If these brands can do it, so can you! Once you determine who your buyer personas are, you can then begin to create unique content personalized just for them. Are your buyer personas millennials who focus their attention on Instagram? Use bright, simplistic visuals with witty captions to draw in their attention. Pinterest? Create various boards addressing the solutions your personas are searching for. Facebook? Create content that sparks communication and initiates a conversation. Regardless of the platform you choose, be you, be unique, and stay true to your story.

Ready to begin? Need some more motivation to put your business on social media? Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used in the sales funnel. If you’re looking to gain new leads (and all businesses do) download our FREE ebook on how to find new leads using social media.

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