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Building a Tool Box for Higher Ed Marketing – The Right Way

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Mar 23, 2015 10:04:00 AM

Whether it’s a fisherman without their toolbox or Santa without his big red sack, lets face it; we all need the proper tools to get the job done. Marketing for Higher Ed requires a special set of tools, but when used the right way you will be able to go above and beyond ‘just getting the job done.’ Use these tips to pack your sack with the perfect tools.


Leave your hammer at home – most people’s toolboxes has the staple item – a hammer, but trust me when I say that this is not the right tool to be using. A hammer would be better suited for an outbound marketing toolbox. When marketing Higher Ed it is best to use a tool for attraction. Replace your hammer with a magnet and focus on attracting the right people to your university, not interrupting anyone and everyone.

Pack a magnifying glass – SEO, search engine optimization, is key to having successful higher ed marketing.  Having a fully functional website that is effective is a must to attract qualified people. People use searches to either know something or navigate to something, so having a magnifying glass handy will allow you to convert your visitors into qualified leads.

Pack a bullhorn- amplifying your content with social media is a great tool to have. Staying connected to your audience allows you to foster connections and keep them happy. There is a Warning label, however: don’t abuse the bullhorn. Amplification is great, but you want to balance your helpful content with promotional work. Don’t be afraid to use your magnet and magnifying glass to lead you to the right people to start social engagements with as well.

Always pack a key – calls to action are the key to opening doors through your content. They allow you to take advantage of every opportunity and lead your visitor through easy buttons strategically placed throughout your emails and website. Compelling calls-to-action can guide your visitors to the next steps and show them exactly what actions to take. 

Don’t forget your little black book – once you have opened the door, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity that walks through it. Having a landing page is similar to packing your toolbox with a little black address book. This page gathers all the right contact information so that you have all necessary tools to contact your visitors in the future.

Pack Thank-you cards- show your toolbox some southern hospitality with a proper thank-you. Thank-you pages are found after the landing page and allow the line of communication to be kept open.

Marketing can be quite the challenge without the proper tools. Use these tips to create a toolbox (the right way) and do not be afraid to evaluate your current marking. Ready to get to work? Try using these tools together to start a campaign aimed at your target students or alumni.

University's Tool Kit for Launching a Remarkable Campaign


photo credit: 11.09.2012 via photopin (license)

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