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Catchy vs. Clickbait

Posted by Jasmine Lee on Dec 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Imagine you're scrolling through Facebook and you come across an online retailer that is selling a product you fall in love with. Not only do you love the product, but you see that it is half the price of others like it, sold at similar stores. You click on the ad (because you just can't resist) to see that this newly discovered retailer has terrible reviews and it will take 2-6 weeks for you to recieve any kind of order from them. This, my friend, is an example of clickbait. 

Clickbait refers to posts that look intriguing, but once you click on them, you realize the title is very misleading and it almost always has nothing to do with the actual content. Will you get a lot of clicks and engagement? Yes. Clickbait is good for the short-term growth of your business, but it is not a method you should be using if you want a high customer rentention rate. Chartbeat did a study that was featured in Time Magazine on internet users, and surprisingly 55% of canidates spent less than 15 seconds on one page alone. So, you'll need more than a fancy title to draw your audience in and create long-term growth for your business.

You may be familiar with the term "fake news". Fake news is the perfect example of clickbait because the headlines usually begin with something like: "What we found was shocking!" or "You'll never guess what (insert celebrity name here) did!", and when you click on the post, you find out that the celebrity simply just went out for a cup of coffee. This is an easy was for businesses to increase web traffic. 

How do you make your content "catchy" and save it from falling into the unfortunate, clickbait category? You create posts that look intriguing, but also have valuable and relatable content once you click on, and open them. By doing this, you gain your audience's trust, which is absolutely vital to the success of your company or organization, and you'll have happy customers! Check out our article: The Importance of Social Media Analytics for more information on improving your customer base through social media.

So remember: be honest with your audience, make sure your content aligns well with the initial link to your post, and create valuable resources that your customers can use to their advantage so they can give you something of value in return. If you would like to learn more about creating "catchy" content, download our FREE ebook,  How To Use Social Media To Find New Leads, today! 

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