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College Marketing Ideas in the Digital Age: Social Media

Posted by Addi Rogers on Sep 26, 2014 9:12:18 AM


High school students in today’s world spend a good chunk of their time scrollingthrough social media. They rely on it for news, social purposes and yes, even for their college search.

You can use this obsession to your college’s advantage and tell the story of your university to these potential students in a way that makes them want to be a part of it. Vamp up your college marketing now. Below we have outlined a few ways you can tell a story via social media successfully and effectively.

Interact with potential students: If a question about the application process is tweeted at you- answer it!! Tweet to your followers (AKA applicants) asking if they have any questions periodically encouraging them to come forward with concerns and subjects of confusion. Show that you care before you have to.

Give glimpses into daily life on campus: See a bunch of students happily hanging out on the sunshine one afternoon? Snap a pic and tweet it out! Potential students are looking to see what their lives would be like should they attend your college or university, so let them know what it could be!

Share your students’ achievements: Letting potential students know those that do call your college home are finding success is sure to lead to marketing achievement. If a student of your university is competing in the Olympic games- share it with your followers. This is a way of conveying to potential students that you have a campus full of high achieving and exciting students that they could be a part of.

Don’t deny the digital age, embrace it. Use the social media obsession in high choolers to your advantage with any of the social media college marketing ideas listed above.

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