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College Students & Higher Ed Social Media Strategy: A Dream Team

Posted by Addi Rogers on Oct 1, 2014 10:31:58 AM


Are you a higher ed marketing agency wondering who needs help marketing your college or university on social media? Look no further, we know whom you should choose, and we want to share it with you: College students.

Students at your college or university are the easiest and most effective marketers for your college. Take advantage of their inherent love of their school and their extreme (in most cases) addiction to social media, and get them involved in your higher ed social media strategies.

Most college age students are proficient in all forms of social media, so getting them to help you endorse your school should not be hard. How do you do this? Here are a few tips and ideas:

1. Start a picture campaign: Lets be honest, every college student loves posting creative and funny pictures on Instagram and Facebook. So, start a campaign challenging students to post pictures of their favorite building or hidden spots on campus. All they need to do is tag their school’s Instagram or Facebook page in the picture, add a clever caption explaining why they love that building or spot on campus so much, and post! It is an easy and effective way to keep your college’s social media up to date and interactive.

2. #Ilove(insert college here)because… Create a personalized hashtag to spread around your campus. Students love to tweet, so getting a hashtag about your school trending can be an easy way to market your school. A hashtag that encourages students to describe what they love most about their school, and tagging the schools Twitter account is a perfect way to keep your college or universities Twitter intriguing, and personalized.

3. Create a video featuring students on campus. A great way to get students involved in marketing your school is creating a video featuring students around campus. College students are all about being YouTube stars, so creating and starring them as they describe their favorite college tradition won’t be hard.

Take these tips and ideas to get your students more involved in your higher education social media strategy.

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