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Darius, We Still Want You

Posted by Rachael Gamlin on Oct 7, 2014 9:01:25 AM

Hey Darius, next time you’re thinking about Drinkin’ and Dialin’, think about Verge Pipe Media’s offer to drink free alcohol and dial us up to RSVP.

Our company has been running a campaign to bring Darius Rucker to our South Carolina tailgate since August 28th and we’re still hard at work in the office to gain the attention, and hopefully the “yes” nod, from the Hootie & the Blowfish frontman.

Tweet - Intro to Campaign copy.jpg

The campaign idea came from our fearless leader, Don Crow, whose serious love for both the Gamecocks and Rucker is well-known around the office. So we said, “Hey, why not just combine the two?” and thus, the dream was born.

We’ve created videos, hashtags (#WeWantDarius), social media posts and infographics in hopes that Rucker will stop by our tailgate while he’s cheering on his Gamecocks at the October 25th game.



The tailgate, which will also serve as a celebration of our company’s 4th birthday, is guaranteed to have plenty of food and quality alcohol (Mimosas for a morning tailgate and lots of cold beer for one in the afternoon).

Others in the area are also supporting our campaign by tweeting stories and links to our material. The Corner News and WarBlogle are just two of the local media outlets that have picked up the story.

War Blogle copy.jpgAnd we’re not the only ones who want Rucker here. We’ve heard from many fans who have been telling us over social media that they want the singer to head down south to the Plains.

Fan Photo 2.jpg

That’s why we’re giving away 5 guest passes (with plus-ones!) to our tailgate, regardless of whether or not Rucker makes an appearance. You can win a pass by sharing our tweets and Facebook posts about Rucker. Our first guest pass is going out to Matthew Pike! If you would like one of the four passes left, share our social media posts about the campaign and tweet at us!

While there’s still no news on whether or not Rucker will attend our shindig, we’re hoping he’s just procrastinating on sending in his RSVP (we’ve all been there Mr. Rucker). But until we receive word of his attendance, we’ll be keeping the campaign rolling like….wait for it….a Wagon Wheel.

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