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Data Scientists and Digital Strategy

Posted by Hannah Stooksbury on Nov 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM

The data scientist job title can be a confusing one to define because of its complexity and recent creation, but according to IBM a data scientist has:

  • a foundation in computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math

  • a strong business acumen

  • the ability to turn research and results into content that can be used to the organization’s benefit


Essentially, a data scientist can analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources and use it to produce positive results for the business.

Data scientists should be a part of your digital strategy because tools like Google Analytics need to be taken advantage of, and without a data scientist, the data Google Analytics brings in may be ignored, losing beneficial opportunities. While data scientists are associated with big data, they can also be used with smaller sets of data in a smaller business.

For example:   

  • A data scientist at a large company might be responsible for taking information from multiple platforms, analyzing it for trends, and communicating these results for action to be taken and strategic initiatives to be formed.

  • In a small business, a data scientist might be responsible for looking at the Google Analytics geographic tools and determining where in the country their business is receiving traffic and where they are not. They then use these results to create a strategy to target markets that aren’t currently being reached and really take advantage of the more successful areas.

For any size company, involving some sort of data scientist in digital strategy is a wise decision. Whether it’s delegating an intern to keep track of analytics or hiring a team of scientists to analyze big data, paying attention to the increased amount of data available and using that knowledge to improve your digital strategy could produce great results.

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