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Don't let the Sun set on your Social Media this Summer

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on May 15, 2015 9:39:42 AM

Summer is upon us! That means frequent trips to the lake, sunrays kissing your skin and footloose, fancy fun – far away from your computer. However, do not let the sun set on your social media this summer! 


Producing and distributing content is still a vital role in your success in higher ed marketing. After all, summer is when our parents made us get the ball rolling on deciding where we would spend the next four (or more) years of our lives.

Face it, college visits may not be as fun in the summer, but they are still happening! Because of this, you have to assure that your higher ed social media pages are still getting viewed by qualified leads! Take the following tips into consideration before you find yourself sipping on that delicious piña colada at the beach!

  1. Schedule social media content. We’ve told you before, and we are telling you again that it is one of the simpler things to do in life! All you have to do is have your content prepared, and with the click of a button on a social platform software, your content will be out there for prospective leads to read and review.

  2. Make your higher ed staff readily available for prospective students. This doesn’t mean sit in the office and aimlessly wait for someone to call. Actually, this means quite the opposite. When the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posted questions begin, make sure you are available to answer those questions – they are at the dispense of your fingertips! You can even answer these from your chair on the beach. They could be the factor that makes or breaks the student’s decision. These questions could range from, “What is the weather like in your college town?” to “How many student organizations exists on campus?” At any rate, being able to answer basic questions could persuade a student more than you know! Recall the 10 myths about higher education blog.

  3. Don’t just sell your university; share fun facts. Let your followers know what is going on in and around the community. Consider facts about your university, promotions from local businesses and activities hosted by the community.

The most important thing to remember is that just because school is out, does not mean prospects stop looking at your social media and higher ed websites. Keep producing and sharing content, answering questions and letting your university personality shine.

Trust us, and your enrollment numbers will thank us for it later.

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