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Don't Take December Off: Starting the First Quarter Strong

Posted by Nikki Butler on Dec 5, 2017 12:00:00 AM




December is the time of year when everybody not only takes off physically, but mentally as well. People are mentally checked out and thinking of all the presents and food they have to buy, the Christmas party little Timmy has to go to, and the long road trip to the in-laws house. They are ready for their holiday vacation! Though it might seem like it, December is not the time to check out completely if you want to start the first quarter strong and mighty. Believe me, I know keeping focused and productive while everybody is drinking mimosas can be tough, but you will be extremely happy you did (and your boss will thank you for it). Here are some tips to help you take the next year by the "reins" and keep productive during the holidays. 

Plan early

Remember the old saying "The early bird gets the worm?" Those who plan early and get the work done before it is due reap the benefits. Start by mapping out any campaigns that need to run through the holidays. Having a campaign running during this time is crucial to keep your followers engaged. Next, stay ahead by scheduling any social posts ahead of time. This gives you time to work on the next quarter's campaigns and social strategies. 
Communicate expectations and schedule 

Communication is key! A team that communicates well with each other is like a well-oiled machine. Begin by allocating tasks to every team member. This will help clear any confusion of who will do what and when. Establishing a calendar where you can compile important dates, events and even team schedules will help you be organized and on time. 


Set goals

In the world of marketing, no matter what your job title is, numbers are your friends. We eat, breathe and sleep numbers. Analytics help us know what we are doing well and what we are doing bad. Review the numbers from this year so that you are able to determine what to do in the next year to succeed and how to do it. Once you are done reviewing the numbers, define long term goals and short term milestones that are achievable. Learn from your past mistakes and try new things. 

Planning early, setting goals and communicating are just a few things you could be doing to keep your inbound marketing plan ahead of the game. Setting your team up for success early allows you to enjoy the holidays. While all the other agencies are sleeping and waiting on Santa Claus, we will be working hard this December to start the first quarter strong. Will you? 

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